The 3 Oils I NEVER Leave Home Without...

Humor me for a minute.

Hypothetically speaking - you’re traveling (which in fact I am) and you can ONLY bring 3 essential oils with you.

Which would YOU bring?

My three must-have travel oils are:

Frankincense - Com’on! I don’t go anywhere, let along leave my house without frankie! 
Frankincense provides me amazing immune support, it’s relaxing if I need to slow it down a bet, 
it smells intoxicating, keeps me focused ...shall I go on?

Wild Orange - 2 words:  Sanitizes and disinfects. 
NYC is filthy, I’m riding public transportation, and gross! 
But seriously, the real reason I love Wild Orange is because it smells amazeballs. I’m a citrus smelling lover.

Breathe - I like to pretend Breathe is my little nurse I keep in my purse.
Respiratory support - covered
Seasonal threats - covered
Sniffles, sneezing, coughing - covered

Now it’s your turn. Tell me the top three essential oils you pack when you travel.


Ps. I never ONLY take 3 essential oils when I travel. That’s just silly!


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Lisa Hansen

Sep 27, 2018 10:30 AM CDT

My top three oils that I travel with are: Frankincense, On Guard and DigestZen, plus several others as well......

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