Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Biz with Facebook Ads

Riddle time… What costs the same amount as your daily cappuccino and gives you way more than just a caffeine buzz.

Drumroll please...I give you: Facebook Ads.

Wait wait, don’t leave. I’m here to show you how Facebook ads can grow your business. And it can be fun, I swear.

Depending on where you’re at: maybe you’re trying to figure out how to make a business facebook page...or maybe you’ve tried boosting a few posts...or maybe you’ve even done a couple of Facebook ads, and….nothing happened.

Don’t fret my pet, this is totally normal. It takes some trial and error, some testing and research, some wins and fails to figure out what works best for your biz.

Back before I had a following…(and trust me I started from scratch too), it was my husband who suggested I focus on growing my online presence.

And believe me….it was pretty ugly in the beginning.

I struggled to make my business Facebook page, I had no branding, and I definitely didn’t know a thing about Facebook ads…

But I got smarter as time went on, I took some courses, asked for help and bingo bango, I started seeing improvement. I was getting tons of organic reach, I didn’t need to worry about learning the ins and outs of paid advertising.

But before long, Facebook changed its algorithm (classic....) and now it’s definitely a pay-to-play world out there in Facebook-land.

If you want to turn your followers into customers, investing in Facebook ads should be at the top of your advertising marketing strategy — and it doesn’t need to cost you more than $5 a day.

This week on the Whole New You podcast, I’m stoked to have my friend, Nehal Kazim as a guest on the show. He’s a master at Facebook ads and will give you even more tips on how to conquer the elusive Facebook ad platform.
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But first, let’s break it down. Hammer-style.

Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

An ad involves two parts: a photo or video, and some kick ass compelling copy outlining what you’re offering or selling (whether it’s a product, service, workshop, webinar…).

Then you get to tell Facebook WHO you’d like to reach with your ad. Basically you create an avatar for the customer you are trying to attract.

You set a budget. Which can literally be the price of that cappucino you order every day at your favourite coffee shop….

And then you will want to create an ad funnel and email funnel to turn that lead into a sale.

So when someone clicks on your ad, you want them going to a capture page (where they input their their email address and maybe even phone number) which takes them ideally to an offer page (where they can purchase something, fill out an application or schedule a booking).

For the whole funnel part of this, which is maybe where I’m starting to lose you...I wrote another blog on this very topic...
HERE. Check it out and it will shed light on what to do after someone clicks your ad.

If at first you don’t succeed….keep testing! 

I really want to emphasize that you want to attract people’s attention at a high level, and it’s going to take time and patience to 1) figure out what’s working in your copy and audience targeting and what needs work and 2) building that relationship with them through the email funnel you are creating.

Facebook ads involve a lot of target audience testing and research.

If you spend a bit of money on your first few ads and you don’t see a return, don’t see it as an expense or money lost...look at it as a business investment. It’s all part of the process.

And once you break even for the first time —  once you spend a dollar and make a dollar —  you’re literally getting free advertising and you’re going to start gaining momentum (Nehal is all about momentum...just check out the podcast already…;) ) and you’re going to start to see…

You guessed it….GROWTH, PROFIT, and ROI!

Cue happy dance.

I’m a firm believer in spending money to make money.

And if you’re just starting out, that 5 dollars may be a lot, and that’s okay. Do what you can do, and I guarantee it will come back to you.

Last year, I paid $1000 to go to a one day event. ONE DAY! While I was there, I met a couple of different people I decided to bring into my business.

After the event, it was funny, I went up to the organizer who has since become a friend of mine and told her it actually cost me $100,000 to attend her event because I implemented new strategies and hired these new team members.

And she replied...well that will turn into $500,000 eventually. We laughed. And she was right.

As I continue to build my team and continue to grow my business, I’m spending a lot more money, which can be and is scary. But if you spend $300,000 and you make a million, which is toooootally possible, it’s an investment that’s totally worth it.

So for you —  you start-up entrepreneur stellar boss babe —  maybe you spend $5 on your first Facebook ad, then maybe you start investing $100 a month on Facebook ads, or $500 a month.

Even if you’re breaking even on that, you’re not spending’re growing your audience, generating leads and this will lead to you making actual money.

This takes time. You won’t see it right away. But trust in yourself and trust that it will come back to you. You will start gaining momentum.

Most people have the urge to stop their Facebook ad strategy in its tracks when their first few ads don’t work...but again...keep going. Keep changing things up.

Quick tips if you’re feeling stuck: 

  • Researching your target audience will save you a lot of time in the end. Know who you’re trying to reach. Are you trying to attract a client in a certain age group, and beyond that...what are their interests and hobbies? What are they into? What do they like?

  • Ask a writer friend for help if you’re having trouble with copy. 

  • Take an online or IRL course on photography to get those great pics and vids for your post. 

  • Look at what the pros in your industry are doing on Facebook.  What are they doing that works? Or think about the ads you like to click on...what made you click it? What stood out to you?

Keep on keeping on my friend, and in no time, Facebook ads are going to take you to the next level.


Still have some questions on how Facebook ads can work for your business? Ask away in the comments!



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