Wake Up Feeling Awesome with This Blend

I woke up this morning feeling awesome!

To say “I’ve been busy” the last few days would be an understatement.

No matter how much I prep for Convention week,  it never feels like enough, lol.  It’s still super exhausting and by the end of every day all I want is to put on my pj’s and literally pass out .

A good night’s sleep was my top priority last night.

So I lathered myself in my favorite oils and slept like a baby.

I’m prepping myself for full blown party mode tonight

Together with 250 of my favorite essential oil junkies we will be partying all night long.  If I cue Stevie Wonder, will that show my age?

The Hobson team party is a combination of: delicious food, congo lines and country dancing (jk) it’s more like 80’s rock, BFF love fests, uber great giveaways, crazy photo booths pics and more!

Did I mention we like to party?  So super imperative to get that good night’s rest the night before

Here are my favorite bedtime oils and how I use them:

2 drops Cedarwood on the back of my head
2 drops Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile in my diffuser
1 drop Vetiver on the bottom of each of my feet



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