How to Use Facebook Live to Sidestep the Algorithm, Grow Your Business, and Create Serious Connections!

Connecting with my clients and tribe is one of my favorite things in the world.

Without you, I’d really just be talking to myself. (Which I sometimes do anyways, don’t judge)

Creating meaningful connections, sharing your purpose, changing lives, and making an impact, big or small is what life is all about. Those are the superpowers you’re given when you decide to run your own business.

But once you know the WHY, the next step is figuring out the HOW.

How do you create that level of connection with your audience?

How do you share your purpose in a way that’s relatable and engaging?

How do you expand your brand and boost your visibility without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads?

The answer (or one of them at least) is Facebook Live.

It’s an awesome tool that allows you to create a connection with your audience and hack the algorithm so your stuff actually gets seen. Yep. It’s true.

Maybe you’ve noticed by now that when you post on your FB business page (do you have one?) you get very little engagement? ⇐ It’s not you, boo. It’s the algorithm. Facebook wants business owners to spend money on ads so they purposefully limit your organic reach.

But with Facebook Live, you can sidestep that issue and be seen!

It’s also the least expensive way to use video marketing there is. Hellooo cost-effective video strategy, goodbye fancy equipment and expensive editors.

To rock FB live, all you need is your phone or your computer. Pretty sweet right?

I use Facebook Live all the freaking time. And it works for me.

I also love that my audience can respond to me through the comments and we can have an actual conversation.

That real time connection is where it’s at.

If you look at the video section on my Facebook page, I average at least 1,500 views per video. Sometimes I have close to 5 or 10k!

It seriously amazes me that’s how many people I can reach from wherever I might be in the world with whatever message I feel called to share.

Facebook Live drives more engagement than standard videos, increases traffic to your page and people are ten times more likely to interact, leave comments, and like your post. Talk about bang for your buck!

Not to mention, those analytics really help you see what’s working and what’s not so you can up your game every single time you do a live.

But there’s more to it than just hitting the “live” button, you gotta have a game plan.

Are your palms getting sweaty just thinking of being live in front of even one person?

Take a deep breath and let’s get you prepared... before we get you into make-up.

Let’s start with the basics, what do you want to talk about?

There’s no sense in creating a Facebook live video all willy nilly. Decide what you want to talk about and how that message will benefit your viewers.

Your content will depend on your business but no matter what, don’t just make it all about you...give people actionable advice.

If you’re selling something….give people a tutorial or rundown on how to use your products. Or do a live Q and A for a product you’ve just released.

If you’re like me, and you’re more about getting a message out to your followers...come up with a topic idea and do some writing and research beforehand so you feel confident in your message before you go live.

And if you make a mistake, just keep going!

Embrace your imperfections because let’s face it, every anchorman or woman has definitely flubbed up at some point on live TV.

I once promised my tribe I’d go LIVE from Europe but I couldn’t get any WiFi connection in my hotel room. I pulled out my phone, accidentally hit a filter and ended up doing my entire LIVE with a submarine mask on without realizing it. Not good. But also? Not the end of the world.

Something that can help with the live jitters is to collab! Hook up with a fellow business babe boss and do it together. This isn’t a bad idea even if you aren’t feeling the’s a great way to find fresh content while also harnessing the power of your guests audience

So what are the rules for Facebook Live success?

Fresh content is key as well as being consistent. Maybe you want to go live on the same day every week? Every month?

Talk to your followers. Encourage them to comment. Ask questions. Make it an interactive experience.

Since people are constantly flowing in and out of live videos, make sure you re-introduce yourself and what you’re talking about now and then so if someone is tuning in halfway through, they have some context.

But most importantly, be YOURSELF!

You are a badass boss with a product or service people WANT to hear about.

They chose to tune in because you have something special to offer them. Believe in yourself, believe in your message, and soon enough, you’ll be Facebook Live Famous.

If you’re still not sold, don’t just take my word for it...I’m thrilled and so lucky to have Facebook Live expert, Rob Sperry, join me on the podcast this week! This guy won the Top Network Marketing Coach in 2017 -- so you know he knows what’s up! 



I want to hear from you! What would you like my next Facebook Live video to be about? Let me know in the comments!

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