Whole You Wednesday

Hey Guys!

If you look back in history, nothing much happened on this date. February 7th was basically just a day. 

Well … it is a week before Valentines Day so if there’s something special you’d like to get your hands on it’s probably a good time to work on letting your huni know what it is. 

And I don’t mean hint. I mean ASK.

If you would like a little somethin’ or can use a hand, you really gotta ask. Most peeps are not psychic. There’s no point in dropping a hint and then choosing to be annoyed when your subliminal hint wasn’t picked up on.  

If Asking For What You Want makes you cringe, today’s video comes at a perfect time. Learning to ask for help or support, or even STUFF is super important. You will never have your needs met in life if you expect people to guess and hope they guess right.  

And you know that phrase, “It takes a village?” Well, yeah … it’s true.  

I created today’s video because I hear a lot of excuses from people I coach as to why they can’t make things happen in their lives:
I can’t start a business, take a trip, or sign up for a training because:

It’s too hard.
I don’t know HOW.
It costs too much.
Who will watch my kids or feed the dog? 

Any of those sound familiar? 

Asking For What You Want might be challenging at first. It was for me, too. But once I bit the bullet AND THEN reminded myself that I was worthy of accepting help, because didn’t have to do everything myself … my whole life changed. 

People wanted to be there for me. And I want to be here for YOU.



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