Get FOCUSED! It's February

February is here! Yikes. This month is going to be really intense for me and even though it's only two days in, I want to stay as FOCUSED as possible.

With everything that will be going on: Webinars, Calls, FB LIVES... I will definitely need it. Do you need extra FOCUS certain times of the year? #suredo

This blend smells amazing and puts me right in the mood to tackle my biz. A few rolls of Jasmine and a drop of Grapefruit over my heart and I'm ready to go.

Ps. Why is February so intense?'s a little thing called Marie Forleo B-School if you haven't heard yet. (And when I say little... I mean massive!) Below is the link to get on my "Hayley's B-School Experience" list. If you're even the tiniest bit interested visit the link 

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