This is What Will Happen if You...

Hey There!  

Wooohooo! Can I tell you why I can't wait for next week? 

Well, for one thing, my book, A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils, will be in stores all over the country (and in some parts of the world). 
You can also order your copy now  here. 

And I've been super excited about my biz plan for 2018!!! It kicked into gear last week as I began working on my new video series, which ALSO launches, YEP, next week. Yeah, it was a super busy end of the year. LOL

Actually ... I started putting my 2018 biz plan in motion a little over a month ago with a new set of strategies. So by New Year's Day I was super excited to roll out my plans. 
AND, guess what? There's one MORE thing happening next week. 

I'm super excited to host my doTERRA team in my hometown of Boulder, CO. My husband, Wes, and I love to do this every year to set an intention, create excitement in our business and just re-connect with the team. So I'm feeling really good about 2018. It's going to be SOOOOOO good; even better than I've imagined. 

Hey, how about you? Did you make New Year's Resolutions?  

If so, how's that going for ya? 

Stats say if you're like many peeps, you're good till about mid-February before things begin to fizzle. 

Seriously? Yep, I kid you not. 

Well, if you go back to doing what you've always done, I promise you're going to keep getting the results you've always had. 
There's one thing you can do right now that will bring you instant results: 


I practice doing that every darn day and I'm amazed at how quickly things are evolving for me. 
Like last month: 

Old (subconscious) thought: "UGH. It's going to be so HARD making all these changes in my marketing and my business."  

Action: Inaction.   

Result:  Nada. 

New (conscious) thought:  "I won't get anywhere without working it." 

Action:  Massive movement on my part 

Result: It's already becoming friggin' awesome. 

This method will work for you too. 

Whatever you want – a new relationship, your dream biz or whatever – already exists in your mind and it WILL start to show up the moment you make a shift in your thinking. 

Ready? Awesome! 




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