Whole You Wednesday

Hey Guys,

Well, we're three days into the new year.... I know you might still be in recovery mode after the busy holiday season, but I want to support you in acting FAST on something super important.

I talked about this in my newsletter this week. Did'ja see it? I shared about how I'm dealing with some pretty big shifts, change and MOMENTUM and I think you might be too.

To be honest, this shift kind of snuck up on me. I didn't really expect it right now. But it totally makes sense as it was the end of a pretty huge (and somewhat volatile year) and from listening to others, I am not alone.

 What I believe is really significant, is that I actually noticed the change I needed to make was actually necessary to make NOW. I got the message.

And I'm saying significant because at first the nudge for change was subtle and we don't always get a huge heads up from the universe. You have to be listening. You need to be present. You have to WANT to be conscious (not sleeping or walking around on auto-pilot).

And then, of course, you have to be ready to adapt, face it head-on and be willing to take action. 
 I didn't stop to over think it. I just decided to go with the flow and get busy. And I felt SO recharged in my planning and strategy. It was a crazy adrenaline (or green juice) rush.
 My affirmations:
I am ready. I am capable. I am willing. I am strong enough to face this. And I am on fire!

Goodbye old patterns of resistance. Hello new thoughts and exciting life.  



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