Sometimes It’s Deeper Than Friendship

Hey There!

I’ve been super busy this month! GOOD BUSY!

My book A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils launched two weeks ago and at the same time, so did my new video series and it sounds like you guys are LOVING them! SO happy!
Then over the weekend of January 19th I held my annual doTERRA Team Winter Summit. It was both energizing and refreshing to spend time with so many of my biz partners, now turned friends and their teams. #blessed.

I look forward to this event every year. If you’ve ever done any event planning, you know its a massive amount of work pulling an event off, but the energy charge back I receive - WOW!  

And I know they are all so grateful for the coaching and mentorship they receive.

I am really grateful for the relationships I have with women all over the world. Some of them I still haven’t met yet, but these events help solidify those relationships.

Whaaa? Haven’t met yet? You may be asking how that is even possible.  

Social media of course!

One of my best stories is about a time I responded to a thread in a FB group years ago. There was one woman, in particular, in need of some health coaching.  

I shared some of my thoughts that might be helpful for her condition and eventually, we became friends. Even besties.

And today she is part of my doTERRA essential oils tribe. In fact, one of the top leaders. Thank you social media. We may never have met otherwise.

How did you and I “meet?” Was it also through social media?

Social media is the bomb. I mean, just think about how it has changed the world over the last decade or so. I’m able to stay in touch with so many humans I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

One more thing about the Internet and social media: because of them, I have access to a global marketplace. So do you.

On Wednesday I’ll be sending you the next video in my series. It’s on relationship building.

Until then, if you’re not in my private Facebook group yet, please join me and get some free coaching! [LINK]



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