How Can YOU Keep up? Social Media Changes

Hey Guys!
Well, here we are on the backside of January. Yep, and we’re sliding toward the finish line FAST!

Have you locked in what you said you would this year? Are you even headed in the right direction?
If your answer is yes, I’m super happy for you. 

And if things are going a little slower than you planned, no worries. Every day is a new day and a chance to begin again. #forreals.

As for me, I’m gearing up for a smooth slide into February where I’m excited to move into the next phase of MY Plan for 2018. Wooohooo!

In case you’re wondering—yep, my plan is falling right into place—and I know it’s because I am committed to it and I am following through. 

So can I tell you what I am focusing on?

Well, social media is a BIG thing. 

Can you believe all the friggin changes—especially with Facebook? I mean, can YOU keep up? 

Yeah those guys want to make you pay-to-play or they won’t show your posts. You’re going to be seeing ALOT of changes in the algorithm. Which is why I’ve chosen to create my own private group so I can really connect on a much deeper level with those who want to work a bit closer with me the next few months.  
And did I say for FREE?    

Yeah, I totally love coaching and I’m able to do right there in the group so it benefits everyone who comments and then who might be checking out the post and comments.  

PLUS I get to connect with peeps I may never have met otherwise. Like the other day when I was able to share my branding video in there, then go live to discuss it and develop a deeper connection to those who were ready to do a little work on their own branding.  

Moral of the story?   

We may never have met if it were not for social media. 

Social media is a powerful tool for connection and business growth. I have a ton of juicy tips for you in my video, Social Media is The Key to Branding Yourself. 

Be sure to catch it on Whole You Wednesday. And by the way, I send my videos straight to your inbox EVERY WEEK, so if you don’t get them, let me know and I’ll be sure you do.  

Hey! If you wanna connect with other biz-minded peeps and benefit from my free coaching, feel free to join my private FB group 
private FB Group. But you’ve got to be ready to go #allin. This group ain’t for peepers.  It’s the true nature of a mastermind.  



NOTE: Hayley I left the 
#allin as you have it, but want to note that the word all-in is usually hyphenated. I don’t think we can do that with hashtags so I left it alone unless I get further direction.

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