Whew! Everything Fell into Place. We're on....

Hey There!

Yaaaay! It's here!

My book,A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils, is now in stores and of course, available on Amazon. Oh, and you can also order your copy now 

Last week I mentioned I was working on my new video series, which launches ... ready ... THIS WEEK!!! Wooohooo! 

I told you I was getting busy end of 2017, right? I was totally serious. I'm going into MASSIVE action this year. There is so much to do and I can't wait!

But can I tell you (and I know you probably won't believe me) that on the days before the shoot, I was stressing big time?

First of all, my videographer flew in for a day-long shoot and so I knew we had limited time to make this happen. There was no time to waste.

Now, I wasn't stressed about the content. It's not like I didn't know what I wanted to talk about. I always have plenty to say. LOL

So why was I freaking out on the inside?

I guess my brain was trigging subconscious thoughts that I would not remember how to get the words out of my mouth. 

Maybe I thought I'd freeze up.  
Maybe I thought the content wouldn't be valuable to you. 

In any event, those thoughts left me feeling nervous. 

I was even thinking about blowing off the project!  

So I knew I was in need of a new thought download.

"Of course I know what to say."  

"I'm speaking from my experience! I own it!" 

Well, the shoot was awesome. Eventually everything fell into place and it went super smoothly. 

Bonus, we got some really cool photos as well.

It's amazing how just thinking different thoughts changed my entire experience. 

Are any old worn-out thoughts running rampant in your life and maybe holding you back BIG TIME?


By the way, if you're interested up-leveling your thought processes around your life and business right now, take a peek at the 
Private FB group I've just opened up for the next few weeks.

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