Move Through Challenges and Dream Big!

When you were a kid, dreaming big came naturally. You could see yourself doing anything or being anyone. You could be a princess or an astronaut. You could climb a mountain with your bare hands. The thought that you would have to move through challenges to do it never crossed your mind.

The world was at your fingertips and you had the courage to believe you could have, be and do anything you chose. You could Dream Big!

Why is it as adults some of us lose the ability to Dream Big? Well, life shows us the stark reality that we don’t always get everything we want. There are times we try and fail and eventually we stop telling ourselves that if we GO FOR IT we can have whatever we want.

When faced with a challenge, that voice inside our head reminds us of “what happened last time we tried.” Our self-talk becomes negative and guess what? We listen. And when we listen, sometimes we stop believing. Instead of dreaming big, we become logical; realistic. Well, we can’t dream big if we think small.

Can ever we get it back?

Yes, we can. The first step in re-learning how to Dream Big is to go back to believing in possibility.

Change your self-talk. Remind yourself that you can make your life whatever you want. When those can’t-do thoughts surface, push them away, move through challenges and rise to your best self. Dream Big and watch what happens.  

Want to know the best part? As you set an example by dreaming big, people around you learn how to move through their own challenges and dream big right along with you!



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