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If you’re a mom you get that we are usually the ones doing the nurturing. Why do we wait until we get sick to allow others to care for us in the same way? Good question. 

Self-care is essential. For me, that means eating a vegan diet, doing yoga and exercise and using my luscious oils. And it’s not just about our bodies. Mental and emotional self-care is important too. I feed my mind and express my feelings so I don’t repress them.    

So when your feelings are ALL OVER THE PLACE... this blend is perfect to help balance those emotions. It smells amazing too

Throw it in your diffuser and get those emotions balanced.

Wild Orange - 3 drops

Red Mandarin - 2 drops

Sandalwood - 2 drops

Lavender 1-3 drops,  depending on how much you like the smell of Lavender

Let me know what you think.



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