Your Life, Your Choice.

We all get the same set of instructions when we are born into this world. Your Life, Your choice. And trust me, the day will come when we all look back on our lives and ask, “What have I done with the choices I’ve been given?” And also, have I utilized the tools I’ve been given (as we are all gifted these at birth and from Google) to significantly up level myself and those who choose to surround themselves with me?

Hopefully, the answer that follows is one that brings us peace and satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know we didn’t toss aside opportunities and instead wove gorgeous tapestries with them?

As I reflect back, I remember setting my feet on a new path. It was five years ago, and it was a path that totally turned my life around. In the process, it changed my family’s life and all of my relationships.

I started a business with nothing and within a couple years, I was making monthly commission checks that would amount to a seven-figure income. Great, yeah, but that’s really not the part of my legacy I feel is most significant.

The most important part of the success I have achieved is having been able to influence thousands of others to do the same for themselves.

This was really brought home to me last week at my company’s Annual Global Convention in Salt Lake City.

Just to give a little back-story here, a lot of updating and information sharing by both our founding and corporate executives and our research and medical panels goes on at the Convention. But there are also super fun social events. Every year there is a Gala in which people are honored for their achievements. This was the first time in five years I didn’t walk the carpet – since my very first year in business!

A few months ago, I decided instead of working to build my own rank, I would restructure and rebuild certain pockets of my existing organization. I put my own personal advancement on the back burner so I could support and uplift other leaders and their teams. Well, my decision for a long-term investment helped cement relationships I’ve been building for years. These relationships would not be growing with such deep roots had I continued to move only for my own direct benefit. (Even though the gift of these friendships and partnerships really IS for my direct benefit if I’m happy, right?).

So this year at the Gala, instead of focusing on acknowledgment for my achievements I was able to be fully present as many women I cared about had their time to shine. I got super fancied up to celebrate them and all the others being honored that evening. I was shedding tears of joy FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS.

What was so cool was looking back on when I met these beautiful, powerful women and their leaders, and watching them grow into their skin simply by choosing to be their best selves. Sometimes the going got rough, but they stayed focused and today they have what they were after at the very beginning.

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