This was the first time in 5 years...

Hi Guys,

After meeting some of my dōTERRA family and besties for some fun time and training last Wednesday, we all spent the rest of the week together in Salt Lake City at our company’s annual Global convention. Woooowza! More about that next week.

For now I’d like to talk about something more personal. This year’s convention was really emotional for me. Not only were many peeps in my company being affected by hurricanes and earthquakes during convention, but convention itself really moved me.

Let me tell you why….

There’s a lot of updating and information sharing by both our founding and corporate executives and our research and medical panelsthat goes on at convention, not to mention the super fun social events. But
every year there is a Gala in which all the new Diamond, Blue Diamond and Presidential Diamonds are honored for their achievements. My rank didn’t change this year and so this was the first time in 5 years I didn’t walk the carpet – since my very first year in business!

To be honest, a few months ago, I felt a little sad as I thought I was on the path to another rank advancement, but I decided instead to restructure and rebuild certain pockets of my existing organization so a new rank never happened. 

But you know what, my decision was smarter for the long-term stability and energy of my team. And the relationships I've been building deep in my organization would not be growing with such deep roots had I continued to move only for my own rank. 

Along with this, I HAD to move over this year so I could be present while many women I brought in had their time to shine. So I got super fancied up to celebrate them and all the others being honored that evening. Instead, I was shedding tears of joy FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS.

I remembered what it felt like to walk that carpet for the first time. I was new to the company, alone. I didn’t know ANYONE, so there was no one cheering me on from the sidelines or offering hugs of congrats. It felt a little bittersweet. I so looked forward to that day I had friends, upline, downline and crossline celebrating with me. 

Now, I’m not feeling sorry for myself as I say this. It was just a powerful reminder of how important it is to support everyone in their successes, whether you know them or not. I was actually a little surprised that many of my own team members who were not walking were nowhere in sight.

Did they even attend? Want to feel that energy and inspiration? Celebrate others? Visualize themselves walking that same carpet?

I had one personally enrolled Presidential Diamond this year, three blues and two diamonds. And you know what? To me that was BETTER than walking. Sharing their joy, as I mentioned earlier, literally brought tears to my eyes. Watching my husband and one of my team members dancing down the carpet was also heartwarming and powerful.

Other people’s successes jazz me. I am inspired about how each one of us has our own strengths and talents. And if we use them, we don’t have to be like anyone else to be happy or successful. Just being ourselves sets us up to experience profound joy. 

This Wednesday my Whole You video addresses working on YOUR skills.

See you then!




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