Whole You Wednesday

Hi There,

If you were around in the 70s you might remember the popular McDonalds’ campaign, “You deserve a Break Today….” At the time it was rated the top advertising jingle of the 20th Century. (If you weren’t born yet, Google it.)

Why was it so popular? The creator said it was because the jingle “granted consumers permission” to take a break and indulge. 

 Permission? To take a break?  

Today society is even more bent on going, going, going than it was when this ad campaign surfaced almost 50 years ago. We push ourselves and as technology advances it makes it super hard to catch that break we deserve. 

Deserving is an issue for tons of peeps. Are you one of them? Check out this week’s video, Deserving Issues. And then on Friday look for something special in your inbox.  



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