Proof Positive Conscious Creation Works

Hey There!

After a few days of chillaxing at home and catching up with my biz post-Thanksgiving holiday, I headed to San Diego for The Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield. I learned some super cool strategies from some of the best online marketing experts in the world. 

Aside from being intimate, it was one of the most focused and productive business events I've attended. To help keep attendees motivated after the event, they gave us a series of step-by-step 60-day Execution Plans covering list growth, webinar funnels, and course creation. 

While I was in San Diego, last Friday I also did a little launch-your-biz training for my locals. Almost done for the year - I have one more trip on the calendar—Edmonton Alberta Canada—to hang with one of my favorite Blue Diamonds and do some more product and leadership training up there. 

And can I tell you how proud I am of my team? Some of my leaders are rank advancing like I've never seen before! This month we will have 3 new Presidential Diamonds on our team. Yep, and I will have 3 new personally enrolled Diamonds and I'm also expecting 2-3 more Diamonds on the global team. Amazing.  

Seriously, we'll have loads of new Platinums, Golds, Silvers, Premiers and more. Literally hundreds. Our volume is up another 20% AGAIN over last month, which was 25% up over Sept! This is proof positive that everything we've been doing together as a team this year to consciously create our lives WORKED. And let me tell you it's not over yet. I'll keep you posted.   

I'm home all next week and crossing my fingers for a big rest. Ha! Not likely. After all this action, I've built tons of momentum and there's no indication of anything slowing down! Keep it coming. Wooohooo!  

In the meantime, catch my video on Whole You Wednesday. I'll discuss deserving issues. See ya then.



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