Diffuser Love

It's Friday and it's almost 2018. Whose ready to start celebrating? 

This is my last week of sharing Frankincense recipes. Frankincense is so versatile you can use it: topically, internally and this week I am sharing aromatheraplly! (is that even a word?) I mean, AROMATHERAPY!  

Frankincense is one of those oils that blends so incredibly well with just about any oil. I love to blend Frankincense with citrus and floral oils. Typically for aromatherapy I love to use my diffuser. It just fills the whole house with amazing oil goodness.  

BTW, I own like 10 diffusers. I keep them scattered all over my house. It's an easy way to use and enjoy your oils. Bonus, when you diffuse everyone benefits and who doesn't love that!?! 

Do you own a diffuser?  



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