Whole You Wednesday

Hey There!

Wow! It’s been unseasonably warm here in Southern California, but there’s a little nip in the air so I think Old Man Winter finally got the message and decided to show up. LOL

The ocean water is too cold to swim, but we’ve been hanging out on the beach.

It feels great to kick back and chillax after all the travel and busyness of this year.

So, I’ve taken time to put 2017 into perspective; to remind myself about thoughts that empower me to create the way I experience my life – regardless of the circumstances.

You know, before you can make changes, you have to be willing to be honest with yourself; to accept responsibility for examining the thoughts that lead to the feelings that cause you to take action.

Yep, integrity. 

So, what exactly is integrity? 

It’s more than honesty, sincerity and keeping your word.

It also means living life on YOUR terms.  

Recognizing what you need and making sure those needs are met.

More than anything it means walking your talk.   


In less than a week we’ll be sliding into a new year.         

I am ready and super excited for 2018.

With two new books, a podcast and video series launching, I can hardly wait!



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