Whole you Wednesday

Hey There!

This may SEEM like it isn’t the right time to be talking about Your Relationship with Money … you know, holiday shopping, special events, that slinky cocktail dress for New Years Eve – or two or three for holiday parties. Who wants to wear the same one for every event? Not me. 

Truth? There’s no better time to discuss your relationship with money. 

You know why? Because the sooner you get this issue handled, the sooner you’ll be living that super cool, dynamic life you have been dreaming about. Seriously, MONEY is often the one thing that keeps many peeps down. 

And it’s not just the lack of money—which is an issue itself—but also the ability to manage, invest and use your resources to make things happen in your life. 

I have walked this walk.  And guess what—my life is what it is because I was willing to risk, engage and revamp my entire belief system—one thought at a time. 

Let’s make our conversation easy and start this conversation with today’s video.

After you watch it, I hope you’ll tell me your insights about money in your own life. THEN, in 2018 we’ll have a more in depth  convo. 



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