Whole You Wednesday

Hey Guys!

So, on Monday I told you about how I moved through a few challenges on my trip to Africa. Taking charge of my interpretation of my experiences made a huge difference. 

What exactly makes something challenging anyway? Well, a challenge requires mental and physical effort to move through. The degree of effort depends on how difficult we make the task—and THAT depends on what we tell ourselves and where our thoughts lead us. 

I told you about how crappy the Internet was on my trip, right? Well, if I held onto thoughts about how frustrated I was, or if I focused on my inability to communicate freely, what do you think would have happened? 

My trip would have been a memory worth forgetting, right? 

But it wasn’t like that because right from the beginning I decided to consciously create my experience by controlling my thoughts. I decided I wasn’t going to recycle old patterns and allow them to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime trip—I was in Africa!! 

So I came up with new thoughts that would leave me with awesome memories. And you know what? My trip was amazing. 

Are old worn out patterns running your life? Are they leading you in directions you WANT to go or are they sending you down the same old dead end roads to nowhere? 

Remember—you are not stuck. 

Just allow new thoughts to transform your challenges into experiences that are easy, joyful and fulfilling.    

If the choices you’ve made have allowed you to backslide or fall, just get up and move in a new direction.




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