Hello From Africa!

Hey There!

I am in awe of Kenya. Obviously I love yummy smelling things – DUH! I have an essential oils biz. So it makes sense when I say the scents and sights of Africa are amazing, right? (Have you been checking out my social media pics since I’ve been gone?)

I’ve been here a week and in a few days I’ll have to pack up and leave for home. As much as I enjoy traveling, I love setting my feet on familiar soil after my trips abroad. 

Getting ready for my trip took a ton of planning – on MY part anyway. Wes was packed in about 10 minutes, and you know what? The biggest decision he had to make was what he was going to leave behind in Kenya at the end of our trip. 

I’m serious. He did that when we went to Haiti too. Packed a big ole bag of clothes he knew he would be okay saying good-bye to and then he donated them when we left. 

All he’ll have to do when we get ready to head back to the US at the end of this week is walk onto the plane and slide into his seat – home for the next 36 hours. 

Well, can I say it was a whole lot different for me?

Not only did I have to pack my favorite accessories, but I also had to pack my oils and stuff my bag with snacks in case I couldn’t find any food once we got to Africa. If you eat a special diet you know how important that is. 

And since I NEVER let anyone handle my bags, and I was going to be gone for 17 day (yes, I said seventeen days), I had to be super strategic about getting all of the above plus my laptop, chargers, running shoes, a book to read on the plane, toiletries and of course my clothes!

So … last week I told you about the way I freak out around travel and how I’ve learned to handle it by managing my thoughts. Well, as we get ready to leave Africa, I’m starting to feel a little anxious because on my last trip, even though everything went super smoothly for the most part, there were a couple glitches. 

Like, my credit card – the 3rd in 6 months – disappeared. Yeah. 

If you’ve ever had to cancel a credit card, you get how stressful it is to deal with all of the automatic withdrawals, right? When I discovered it was missing not only did I have to cancel it, I had to figure out how I was going to make the 20 autopays I do every month before the charges declined and the new card arrived. 

After we leave Kenya Wes and I will part ways as he heads home to Boulder and I make my way to Vegas for a business event. The next time you hear from me I’ll be stateside. 



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