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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing amazing wherever you are right now and focusing on crushing it before the Summer Holidays (or Winter for my Southern hemisphere peeps). Productivity Tips Today I decided to give you guys some very cool Productivity Tips as this is another thing people always ask me about…”Hayley, how do you get so much done when you’re so busy?” Well I ain’t no Superwomen that is for sure, but what I do make sure I am on top of planning and being productive…I learned this lesson a long time ago and it is one that has served me so well over the years and continues to do so. So now I want to share with you these amazing tips that when you use them in your life, will make you feel like a new person…and an incredibly productive one. So here goes: Don’t check your emails first - Isn’t it crazy that so many of us check our emails first thing when we wake up or logon to our computers? Why do we do that? Whatever the reason, it is a bad habit and here’s why. By checking our email first, we are then handing over our day and next activities to our inbox. Before we know it we’ll be caught up doing other peoples “stuff” before we’ve worked on our own “stuff”. Unless you are in Customer Service there is no need to do that. Have an action planner - When we have a plan for our day and week, we then have focus. When we have focus we become more productive and are less inclined to just meander our way through tasks. If you don’t have yourself an action planner, then I encourage you to get one and start using it. It will change your life…seriously. Start with the hardest and most important things first - try to take on the hardest and biggest tasks first, when you have the most energy and your day hasn’t started to overwhelm you. I love taking on the things that I don’t really feel like doing first. That way I am sort of taking on the biggest and baddest task first and then I know my day will become easier afterwards and when complete it I will feel so much better too. Get up earlier - You know waking up 15 - 30 mins before anyone else in the morning is amazing as it can be so peaceful. The house is quiet and you can start off your day getting organized, planning out your day and starting on your tasks before anyone has even started their day. It is an amazing feeling. Set meeting timelines - This one is HUGE! Whenever setting a business or personal meeting and yes that includes you going to gym and yoga class…be strict with your time. Stick to the times otherwise an extra 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there and before we know it we have lost an hour and we’re trying to catch up. Eliminate all distractions - Nowadays with our phones and social media we’re constantly getting interrupted by Facebook messages, Snapchats, texts, emails, Social media, whatsapp and everything else. These constant distractions keep pulling us away from staying focused and productive. Turn them all off and focus on one task at a time for a specific time period… that is the key to productivity. Try some of these and notice how they make you feel and change your day. You’ll find that when you complete these productivity tasks they actually motivate you and you’ll feel more productive. The more productive you feel the more you want to keep doing this…it feeds itself. Before you know it you’ll be achieving way more than you ever thought possible and you will also have more free time. Let me know how it goes for you. XO Hayley

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