Thoughts...Your Gateway to Results

Hey Guys,

I want to ask you something.  Are you in a place where you want to change your current situation?  Maybe it is your income, your relationship with your Husband, being a better MOM or wanting to start your own company?  But no matter how hard you try your results still remain the same.  Does that sound like you? You’re not alone to be honest.  There are millions, in truth BILLIONS of people who feel the same way.  The main problem is NOT that you’re not good enough or not deserving enough or not working hard enough.  THOUGHTS GATEWAY TO RESULTS Really it is something more subtle yet…amazingly profound. It is your thoughts!  Every day we are faced with thousands of different thoughts and choices that we have to make.  But take note…we have a CHOICE.  Yes we get to choose our thoughts.  We can’t always choose the origination of our thoughts, but we can choose if we want to go with one particular thought or choose a different one. Because thoughts affect the way we feel, choosing positive thoughts will make us feel good and negative thoughts will make us feel bad..and experience things like stress, anger, rage, overwhelm, sadness etc. So if we want a more positive feeling then we need to choose thoughts that are more positive, empowering and nourishing. Now when we feel good we act in a completely different manner right?  Think about the times you get all stressed with your partner, boss or kids and how you feel.  It isn’t cool and your whole day get’s messed up and you just want the day to end or the whole situation to disappear. But when you are in a good vibe (feeling) everything looks different and you have more energy and you’re in a good space.  That means your actions will be so much better, more focused, more productive and more aligned. When our actions are in that positive pattern guess what???  Our results will be completely different. So put in simple terms… THOUGHTS > FEELINGS > ACTIONS > RESULTS So if you want to change your current situation or your results…it doesn’t mean you work even harder and go all crazy workaholic on yourself.  It means you START with your thoughts first and then everything else follows from that… For about 15 years or so now, I have been training and coaching people to make improvements in their lives…in fact longer if you add my career as a lawyer (yes that career in the corporate world seems like a lifetime ago)… I have been doing some life coaching for the past 3 years to only certain folks and I am now changing that.  I am opening up my Life Coaching place to those who follow me and are part of my network. So right now I am looking for 5 people to work with me.  I am looking for people who want to make real and lasting changes in their life, who are committed and ready to take off on this crazy awesome adventure of mastering your thoughts and therefore your life. If you want to be one of those 5 people then click here to schedule some time with me and get started… Let’s make some serious change together! XO Hayley

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