Why I do what I do…

Hey Guys, First things first!  Happy SPRING to of you in Northern Hemisphere and Fall to you guys in the Southern Hemisphere.  Time too clean out the closet, the house, our minds, our bodies and our life of everything that is holding us back and stressing us out.Why I do What I love So I am not sure if you saw the video I posted last Monday about me being exhausted following a grueling 6 day business trip.  By the way if you didn’t see the video, you can watch it here…. I spoke about how exhausted I was and how I just decided to spend Monday in bed and do my conference calls from there.  People are surprised to hear sometimes that I get exhausted too…LOL.  Yes this ROCKSTAR get’s here a$$ kicked from time to time…Some folks just think successful people can just go and go and go. That’s not the case for me.  I push myself, absolutely and I love every second of it. But there are times when I need to take my foot off the gas and just give my body and mind a chance to recover and rejuvenate. This is what I love about my work.  I don’t have a boss to answer to, so if I want to spend the day in bed, I do.  I work hard, but I have a lot of fun.  I have created a life where everyday I work with like minded people just like me all around the world.  We laugh together, make money together, cry together, scream and shout together and help each other.  Helping others is such a powerful force that helps me to keep doing what I do. You know what the absolute best feeling is?  It’s when you get feedback from people saying they appreciate you and the work you have done for them.  It get’s me every time.  It is so powerful and humbling… No amount of money can replace that.  I am so grateful that I can jump on a conference call with someone literally anytime of the day anywhere and just brainstorm, chat and have fun. I can go do a Pilates or Yoga class whenever I want to, I get to travel all around the world, I get to speak on stages all around the world, I get to work with Entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds. That is what keeps me going.  Getting to help people everyday is my motivator.  That is why I do what I do! What is your WHY?  Are you following it?  Are you doing what you believe you should be doing deep down inside?  If not, why not? If you want me to help you to get started…let me know.  It’s time to create a life that you love…TODAY. XO Hayley

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