WHOLE YOU WEDNESDAY - Purpose and Passion


Purpose and Passion - Getting Started With Your Business

Hey guys and thanks for joining me for this Whole You Wednesday video session. So today I want to talk to you about Passion and Purpose.  Normally when we think of Purpose we think of some determined person with the face all scrunched up and moving furiously and super focused towards something right.  Someone who you just don’t want to interrupt or get in there way.  Think of the guy that is marching through the Airport trying to find his gate number right - we all have seen that type of purpose. And likewise when we think of passion we think of those chick flicks with crazy love scenes and over the top passion and lust….Well we only want some of this :-) We want Purpose and Passion but in the right way.  We want the focus of the guy bursting through the airport, but we don’t want his unhappy and rushing energy.  We just want that same laser like focus on our ultimate goal where no one can sway us.  But we want to do it with love and enjoyment.  Otherwise what is the point right? Purpose and Passion - Getting Started With Your Business Purpose keeps us on track and focused, so we can eliminate all distractions and keep moving towards our ultimate goals. And at the same time we need to capture some of the Passion from the chick flick.  We want that crazy wild feeling within us, but this time it is not acting.  This is real, this is our authentic selves living a life of our dreams and doing it with Passion.  feeling fulfilled and bursting with positive emotions. When we have Purpose and Passion, we have focus and enjoyment.  And that is a great way to wake up everyday and run a business. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time on Whole You Wednesdays.

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