Challenge Yourself

Hey Guys,

I just returned from such a powerful event in Las Vegas that lasted a week and wham back into the fire storm of catching up with all my work…HELP!  The next month I am going to be traveling so much that it actually started freaking me out.Challenge Yourself I am only going to be home for about 3 days or so.  Fortunately, My daughter will be able to join me for most of that month, however it was becoming stressful for me trying to get organized before I left. Luckily I had the awareness to catch myself…OK Hayley take a breath here and get control my girl!  I applied the same approach that I do when I am struggling with a certain part of my business. So I look at each personal and business challenge the same way now.  I simply look at it as an opportunity to grow and evolve as a person. I applied the same “bring it on” attitude that I apply to my business and apply it to every situation that is stressing me out. The pain that these situations bring, help to polish the rough out of the diamond so that I move closer and closer to being a polished diamond with a Kick A$$ attitude. Growth is good.  We don’t always like to be uncomfortable but that is how we can challenge ourselves and become a better version of ourselves, whether that is being a Mom, Spouse, Entrepreneur, Network marketer or whatever. So look for ways that challenges are coming up in your life and use it as a way to evolve and grow. It will change you outlook on life and probably your results too. XO,


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