It’s Time To Start Your Journey…

I am sitting here in Las Vegas and have just got off the phone with my Marketing Director and was telling him I have been at this conference until 10pm every night. It has been tiring and so awesome at the same time, BUT…today we have a day off, so I slept in and now I can go shopping for the entire day. Pretty cool right? That’s what I love about my Network Marketing business.  I get to spend a week in Las Vegas with inspiring speakers and get to spend my free time the way that I want to.Its time to start the journey It is interesting when I look out my Hotel window and see the desert.  I am amazed at how this place became the entertainment capital of the world because of the Vision of a few individuals.  They had a Vision, took a risk and chased their Passion. And as a business owner I can relate to that. Having a Vision and taking the first step.  In the same way that we have just had Columbus day here in the US.  Can you imagine the danger and unknowns faced by him when discovering the New World?  Amazing courage and a huge sense of purpose. Now we don’t have to take the same amount of Risks (don’t know about you but I’m not the crazy about sitting on a boat for a few years), but we can follow those examples by creating a Vision, being courageous and pursuing our dreams. Have you ever considered Network marketing as a viable option to create financial freedom?  I heard the other day that 1 in 7 households in the US are involved in Network Marketing industry and it accounts for over $30bn in sales annually.  Amazing and it continues to grow as people pursue their dreams of financial and time freedom. If you want to find out more, then email me or visit my website to find out more. Join me on an amazing journey and start living your dream life. XO Hayley

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