Business Model Mastery:

How to create passive income with a holistic wellness biz.

Free Masterclass
Tuesday, September 28 9:30-11:30am PST

Free Masterclass

Create an online biz that gives you the freedom, flexibility, and financial security to live your life on your terms… using your passion for holistic wellness!

Stop Thinking –
start doing! 

In this Masterclass, you’ll discover how easy it is to start your own biz in the health and wellness industry. So you can live life on YOUR terms.

And the best part? The wellness biz model I’m going to show you is totally flexible. You can create multiple, diverse income streams… by following an affiliate marketing model that actually works. You can dip your toe and create a little side income for yourself… or you can set your sights on making a 7-figure biz the way I did. It’s totally up to you.

Wouldn't it be great to...

  • Stop trading time for money.
  • Show up for your family's events and activities consistently.
  • Create the healthy lifestyle you love without stressing about money.
  • Make an impact in your life… and the lives of the people around you in a powerful, more purpose-filled way.
  • Get paid just by recommending your fav products… (and get a discount for yourself)?
  • Set a healthy example for your family – and your community – by being at the forefront of this growing opportunity.

What you'll learn inside Biz Model Mastery

How To Turn Your Passion For Holistic Wellness Into A Profitable Reality

In this Masterclass, you’ll be guided through an interactive experience (complete with our new Biz FunBook!) to help you finally choose an income stream you’re passionate about and fits your lifestyle. In less than an hour, you’ll take the first steps you need to be successful. You’ll get super clear on why you want to create a biz that offers extra income that grows with you… so you can have the direct, personal impact you desire.

3 Things You'll Learn in this Masterclass

One: Your Personality Type

Discover your personality type...and how it influences the right business model for you.

Two: How to Grow

Why the $4.5 Trillion health & wellness industry is the place to be in 2021 and beyond – and the super–fast way to get in... right now.

Three: Key to Success

The #1 approach that will help make you successful in ANY biz.

Hey there, I’m Hayley Hobson

I’m a holistic wellness entrepreneur and Certified Life & Health Coach. 

This is one of my fav classes to teach. Why? Because it’s close to my heart. Not too long ago, I was just like you… maybe even worse. 

See, I went from #HotMessExpress to #HealthyBossBabe by investing in holistic wellness – and in myself. It literally saved my life. 

The health & wellness industry is one of fastest growing sectors worldwide… over $4.5 Trillion and getting bigger each year. Why? People are finally waking up to the fact that they need to take charge of their health. 

That’s GREAT news (and a great opportunity) for you. I’m going to personally guide you through the same process I use, to help you discover which kind of biz will create the kind of impact you’re looking to make in your life.

I’ll give you the “behind the curtains” look at what affiliate marketing is… and how you can leverage this specific biz model for passive, recurring income. And I’ll walk you step-by-step through exercises that will give you the confidence to finally start a biz online. 

This Masterclass offers you a taste of what it’s like to be coached and mentored by someone highly successful in the wellness industry – and is willing to show you the secret sauce to help you live a prosperous, fulfilling, and passion-filled life. 

I’m so excited about this limited-time opportunity, I’m buying your ticket this time, okay? Cool...can’t wait to see you there!

Having your own biz isn’t just about financial success. It’s about finally living life your way. And experiencing the freedom & flexibility you crave.