Top Stress Busters for New Biz Owners

The last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about why the recession  is the best time to start a side hustle or your own biz.

Because yes, we’re officially in one right now. A recession is defined as 2 quarters of declining GDP so even if it doesn’t feel like it where you live, or right now it’s pretty mild, we ARE experiencing a recession RN.

So WHY is right now a great time to start a biz?

Because people are getting scrappy. 

They’re getting super creative. 

And the smart ones look for innovative opportunities to make some money.

Because the truth is – ev-er-y-thing is so damn expensive right now.

And, I hate to tell ya… it’s not dropping anytime soon.

So if your credit card suddenly feels WAY heavier in your wallet LOL… 

You’re not alone. We’re all feelin’ it.

And this is what makes right NOW such an incredible opportunity to get smart, get resourceful… 

And FINALLY start that little side gig you’ve always had in the back of your mind.

I know you had at least ONE idea back there.

Well, why not use this time to bet on yourself and try it out?

I promise that it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be in your head.

And that’s why I’ve put together my most comprehensive guide about how to Build Your Own Biz Online… which is free RIGHT NOW.

Snag my BYOB guide – that’s my nickname for it LOL – at

Or just drop the word BIZ on my socials… Facebook or IG.

The guide is really helpful if you have an idea, but you don’t really know where to start. 

Or maybe you do have a biz and you’re like, ugh shit is changing sooo fast – I gotta reconnect to my passion.

Cuz that’s where all good ideas start – with PASSION.

The people who listen to this podcast are innovative thinkers. 

You’re MY peeps… which means you’re not content to just do what everyone else does. 

Swim in the same stream. Or mindlessly go with the flow.

Nope, you’re built differently.

And no matter what those schoolyard bullies told ya yearrrrssss ago… it’s a good thing. 

A GREAT thing actually.

Whatever you’re passionate about has the opportunity to be something AMAZING.

But there’s often a gap between where you are now… and that AMAZING feeling.

Maybe you’re feeling the stress.

I mean, for real, it’s not that easy right now.

Like, Madeline just started back at school… which means we packed up and flew home to Colorado after a gorgeous summer in San Diego.

I’m back in big time travel and commitment mode… which I love, but it can create some dynamic situations every now and then.

And it’s not just me… 

Like, have you noticed people are shorter tempered… or more impatient… or just like lugging around all this BIG energy?

That’s stress that hasn’t been discharged.

So, I thought today we could talk about stress busters for new biz owners.

See how I’m assuming you’re already gonna be turning your idea into a little side gig already?I’m literally manifesting it for you. LOL


The first hack I wanna offer you is to notice where you carry your stress.

As in literally feel your body.

What does stress like feel to YOU?

Physically where do you carry it?When I trained as a Yoga instructor, I learned that our hips are a HUGE receptacle for unreleased stress.

If you’ve ever cried in a yoga class – no, not from pain or frustration LOL – but actual RELEASE of emotion… you get this.

And BTW, there’s no shame in that. It happens A. LOT. 

Yoga creates flow. And flow is about energy. You’re literally moving energy around in your body and your energy fields. 

Yep, I’m gettin’ a little woowoo wellness on ya. LOL 

Well I mean it’s not woowoo to me, I’ve been living and breathing this stuff for over a decade.

Anywho, point being, we all carry stress in our body and it BLOCKS our energy.

That’s why we feel tense. Our muscles tighten up. Our energy slows or maybe it gets super frantic. 

You feel an imbalance when you’re stressed, right?

So, when you aren’t feeling GREAT in your mind, bod, or emotions… pause. 


Notice where you are feeling this dis-EASE… as in lack of ease, inside your body.

Is it your neck? Your jaw? Your shoulders?

Do you have uncomfortable sensations in your belly?

Is your back tight? 

Most of us go through the day not connecting our mental state, our emotions, and our physical experience.

But, my friends, it’s all connected.

And most of us live in a chronic state of low grade stress that we don’t even notice anymore.
So that’s your hack. NOTICE.

Until you notice, until you become AWARE, you can’t make changes, right?

I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen people – whether on TV or IRL – who are completely oblivious about what’s going on around them.

Like women who go, “I thought things were fine! This breakup came out of nowhere!” as they sob into their tub of Haagen Daas.

Meanwhile all the rest of us are like “GIRL – you know there were signs. You just CHOSE not to notice them.”

Honestly, how many times do we CHOOSE not to see the signs?

Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. In which case, watch the Bachelor. 

Or, like, old episodes of Jersey Shore. 

Don’t judge me. LOL

Point being, ignorance is NOT always bliss.

So if you wanna show up as your best self. 

If you wanna tap into the well of passion that’s inside of you… 

Pay attention to what stress feels like in your body so you can take proactive steps to release it. 

Which is actually your second hack.

Consciously move your body.

I’m serious, this combo of noticing energy, making a decision to release it, and then physically moving your body is SOOOOO powerful.

Our bodies aren’t meant to carry all that stress. It’s why we have a fight or flight response. It’s action oriented. We need to DO something.

Yes, we have the freeze response too, of course. 

And I just learned about another one called fawn. It’s where you appease, placate, or pacify the threat. Interesting, huh?

So anyway, you can actively work to move that stress OUT – whether that’s via yoga… a spin class… running or walking… or a woowoo wellness technique like infrared workouts. 

Have you heard of this? I feel like I’m droppin’ all these random facts today. LOL

There’s a Hotworx studio here in Boulder. 

You literally workout in an infrared sauna. Barre, pilates, HIIT classes… all the regular classes… but IN a sauna. 

It’s supposed to be incredible for your body and your mind.

When you physically and consciously move your body, it helps to unblock that energy you don’t need. 

And it creates more flow and ease, which really is where creativity, innovation, and inspiration live.

The next way to release stress so you can be more YOU again is… communicating your intention.

I’m gonna tell you something kinda personal.

A couple weeks ago, I had a not-so-great convo with my husband.

Long story short, he had been carrying around a bunch of stress and emotions… and unleashed them on me.

They weren’t ABOUT me or us… but to me, it kinda came out of nowhere.

And not realizing his intention of WHY he did that, I gave some feedback he didn’t want to hear.

And you know what… I own this.

I own that I should have been more mindful and asked what his intention was before I said one word.

Because what I found out was… he simply wanted to vent.

Now, venting can actually CAUSE more stress if you do it too often.

Because it can cause you to stay focused on the negative and live in that space. No bueno.

BUT – getting those feelings OUT of you when they feel unmanageable isn’t a bad thing.

That said, to get the response you desire, it’s super smart to ask the other person if it’s ok that you vent to them.

Then they know not to pipe in with solutions. 

That you just need to purge.  
Let them hold the bucket so you can verbally vomit in it, as I like to say.

They’ll understand that you only want to use their ears. Not their mouth. LOL

My grandma used to say, that’s why we have two ears and one mouth. We’re supposed to listen more than we talk.

Deep thoughts here on the podcast for ya. LOL

Along the lines of conscious communication as a stress reliever… I wanna offer you this slight variation.

And I think you’ll understand why I’m saying it this way.

If you want to release stress, state what you need.

Yep, I’m looking at allllll you women out there.

We are NOTORIOUS for not saying what we need. 

For example, let’s say you have a deadline… and for whatever reason, you haven’t taken care of it yet.

And you’re stressing the eff out about it.

9 times out of 10, when you state what you need like, I could really use an extension… you get a yes. 

Sometimes that’s all it takes – a statement of what you need – and you’ll get what you need to eliminate the stress you’ve put on yourself.

So when you do these 4 things:

  • #1 – Notice what stress feels like in your body AND where you carry it…
  • #2 – Actively work to move it OUT
  • #3 – You communicate your intention – or, vent intentionally… vent-tentionally? No that’s not good, I’ll workshop that one. LOL
  • And #4 – state what you need…
You create a mindful approach to releasing stress.

And, like I said, when you get rid of this heavy energy… you feel lighter. More activated. Pumped to do things. HAPPIER.

AND you can find your passion easier. 

I mean, think about it… with everything that’s going on in the world right now… inflation up by 9 friggin’ percent… 

People scaling back on their spending…

You might think – man, this is NOT the time to rock the boat. Or step out on my own.

It’s probably way better to stick with what I know.


But you and me? We aren’t most people.

And there’s a whole segment of people like us who see the opportunity in instability.

Who lean in when most people pull back.

And THAT is why a recession is the best time to start a business.

Everyone is looking for innovative, creative ways to do things – especially when the standard ways of doing things have lost their shine.

Whether that’s because it’s become more expensive… or it’s simply not available anymore… or your priorities and mindset shifts…

And you look for alternatives.

I mean, Uber was started during the last recession. 

And look what happened to the monopoly taxi services had. Bye bye.

Uber is the ultimate side hustle.

So, what’s your idea?

Do you have the next Uber inside of you?

I don’t mean some brilliant tech solution.

I’m talking about an innovative solution to a desire or a problem you or a niche group of someone has… something you’re passionate about or KNOW would help others…

Now is the best time to bet on yourself and lean in.

And that’s what I wanna help you do. 

My Build Your Own Biz Online guide is free right now – for a limited time. 

It’s gonna help you craft your vision + intention for your new side hustle or biz… 

Come up with a profile of exactly who it’s perfect for – so you can ultimately go out and find her…

And map out your first offer, whether that’s a physical product, a digital one, a service, or something else you’ve got in mind…

AND the fastest and easier way to get it in front of as many of your ideal customers as possible – which is through the internet.

You can get it at – or by dropping the word BIZ – that’s B-I-Z on my Instagram : @hayleyhobson or Facebook : @hayleyhobsonwholeyou

My friends, I love talking about stress release tips for new biz owners – and in fact, I have a few other podcast episodes with even more hacks. 

So I’m gonna throw links to those into the show notes for ya so you can take an even deeper dive if you’re interested.

I’d love to know which of today’s 4 hacks you resonated with. Drop me a comment on this page and let me know.

And until next time, I’ll see ya online.