Pinterest Biz Tips with Rachel Ngom

When you think of Pinterest, what comes to mind?

Recipes for your air fryer?

Party planning ideas?

Home decor hacks for when you finally get that farmhouse in the country you’re destined to have? LOL

In my daydream, mine is actually a dog ranch. Yep, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of adorable dogs.

Ahhhh… one can dream.

But here’s a super cool fact… 

There are actually lots of super smart ways to leverage Pinterest for your biz.

Pretty much no matter what kind of biz you have.

For instance, I’m starting to use it for MY biz.

  1. Because over 77% of people who use Pinterest are women — women who are looking to improve their lives. Which lines up perfectly with who I LOOOOOOVEEEEE to work with… 
And B – it’s a really great way to bring my ideal customers or clients into my email list… 

Because any pin you create can go to a link.

And that link could go to a landing page where she can get some awesome content in exchange for an email.

Which then leads them into a relationship with you… and eventually to a sale.

This is known as a marketing funnel.

And after today’s convo with my special guest, I know you’re gonna be pumped to start doing this for YOUR biz.

And quick note – I actually have an upcoming masterclass about marketing funnels that’ll help you get started. 

I’ll tell ya more at the end of today’s show, but the masterclass is called The 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels.

There are 3 days to choose from:

April 27th … 28th… and May 2nd.

The link to get on my personal guest list – and be able to attend this masterclass for free – is

Ok so with that out of the way, lemme introduce you to my very special guest today.

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest marketing strategist who helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who are OVER struggling on other platforms – like Facebook & Instagram – and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot.

I am SO excited to talk with her… so let’s dive into getting some awesome Pinterest biz tips…

Welcome Rachel.


Welcome to the whole you, where we take your passion for holistic wellness and turn it into a profitable reality. In other words, make some money. Now here's your host Haley Hobson.

Haley Hobson (00:10):
Hey, my friends I'm Haley Hobson and I am so glad you're here. Welcome to the whole you podcast, where I share tips to help entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Like you implement healthy hacks and habits, so you can eat smarter, rest better and get it all done. So when you think of Pinterest, what comes to your mind? What comes to your mind, recipes for your air fryer party planning, ideas, home decor hacks for when you finally get the farmhouse in the country that you're destined to have? You know, in, in, in my, in my daydream minus actually have a dog ranch  yeah. Surrounded by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of adorable dogs. And anyway, uh, where I, anybody can, anybody can, uh, dream, right. But here's a super cool fact. There are actually lots of super smart ways to leverage Pinterest for your biz, which pretty much, no matter what kind of biz you're in, there are super smart ways.

Haley Hobson (01:17):
For instance, I'm starting to use it for my biz. And I would say over 77%, this is a because by the way, over 77% of people, um, who use Pinterest are women, women who are looking to improve their lives, which lines up perfectly for who I love to work with. And second, because it's a really great way to bring my ideal customers or clients to my email list, because at any pin you create can go to a link and that link could go to a landing page where she can get something awesome, some awesome content in exchange for an email, which then leads them into a relationship with you. And eventually down the line into a sale, by the way, this is also known as a marketing funnel.  okay. So after today's conversation with my special guest, I know you're gonna be pumped to start doing this for your biz.

Haley Hobson (02:10):
And as a quick note, I actually have an upcoming masterclass about online marketing funnels.  that'll help you get started. And I'll tell you more about the class at the end of the show, but the masterclass is called the three biz keys, masterclass secrets to grow scale and automate your biz with simple marketing funnels. And there are three days to choose from April 27th, April 28th, and May 2nd. And the link to get on as my personal guest free, cuz I don't know when I'm gonna be hosting this again, free to be honest with you.  I've talked about to my team internally about how turning this literally into a half day workshop and, and, and having it be paid, but the link to be my personal guest for this go around and be able to this class for free is Haley biz keys. Okay. So with that out of the way, let me introduce you to my very special guest today.

Haley Hobson (03:15):
 Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest marketing strategist who helps purpose driven female entrepreneurs who are over struggling on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot. So I am so excited to talk with her today. I know you're gonna be so excited to hear from her, so let's dive into getting some awesome Pinterest biz tips. Welcome, Rachel. All right, Rachel. So fun to have you here. Yes. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. So I wanna, I want you to share a little bit about what you do and also why you chose Pinterest as the niche that you've gone into.

Rachel Ngom (04:17):
Yeah. So I started off in network marketing and you know, back then I was using Facebook and Instagram to generate leads into my business. And I had, you know, 70,000 combined followers on those platforms and life was really good up until there was a big lag shift. And then, um, I had to figure something else out. So I started putting stuff on Pinterest and my blog and I noticed my traffic was increasing and I saw 34,000 people coming to my blog every month from Pinterest. So I'm like, oh yeah. I'm like, okay, this is pretty crazy. And so I started teaching people in my network marketing company, how I was able to generate, you know, all these leads coming from Pinterest. And so they were starting to get results. I was able to sponsor hundreds of people in, into my company from Pinterest. Um, and then that company restructured my income was cut in half and I realized I needed to create another income stream and I wasn't truly in control. So when I started my own business, I was like, well, people need Pinterest. Like, let me, let me just start teaching people how they can use Pinterest for their business.

Haley Hobson (04:59):
Wow. That's amazing.

Rachel Ngom (05:00):
It's been, um, you know, a couple years now, like four and a half years and we've had 6,500 students go through our online programs and it's been pretty awesome.

Haley Hobson (05:32):
Wow. That's incredible. I mean, that's just like a whole other can of worms that we can open up about like, you know, just making sure that you're not relying on one form of income cuz things can change that much. That's super sad about the company restructuring and it's also a reality that things like that happen. Um, how long did you get to like sort of ride the wave of like an awesome network marketing company though?

Rachel Ngom (05:32):
So I'm actually still making like thousands of dollars a month from that company. So while it's not what I was making, um, I'm pretty happy that four and a half years later I'm still making what some people would be working full time for.

Haley Hobson (05:43):
So that's like, oh my gosh. Sorry. That's amazing. Yeah. All right. So that is actually a fun fact to know, like I actually have a PO another podcast. I don't know if you know this. I have another podcast called doTERRA diamonds discuss and I interview six figure earners in the doTERRA essential oil business. And one of the things that I, I like to note is like, you know, things may go up and down in your business and you may have a month where your income is not as high as it was the month before with you literally it was cut in half, but like, wow. Like what a testimonial for the industry. Yeah. That once you build it, you do have a residual income coming in. And I mean, if you're saying that you're probably making more than more people are making annually, I'm assuming that's a, like a high five figure at least maybe six figure business still.

Rachel Ngom (06:34):
It's not, yeah. It's not quite at the six figure still four and a half years later. But I know that, you know, some people would be working really hard to make that kind of income and just to think four and a half years later, I'm doing nothing haven't touched. It don't even like I haven't logged into the back office. I'm like, it's a huge blessing. Wow. Huge blessing. I'm not like I, wow. Network marketing, I think is a great entry point for entrepreneurship. I was 23 when I started, um, and just learning, you know, leadership and mindset and personal development and all of that. It just opened up a whole new world to me cuz I was getting my master's in social work at the time. Um, and that was kind of the, the plan to, to be a social worker. And then when I was introduced to the network marketing company, I was like, oh I can do my own thing.

Haley Hobson (07:15):
Like I can do this instead. Yeah. Let's do it. And then I can help people through nonprofits or other things too.

Haley Hobson (07:21):
That is so good. All right. So just like plug here for residual income stream. Yeah. And network marketing as an industry. All right. So now we've got the network marketing business. Facebook was going crazy. I, I don't maybe, I don't know if you had Instagram back then, but then you decided to go with Pinterest. Yep. You're bringing in all of these people. So just goes to show you, like you can find a traffic source that works for you to bring people in. And by the way, I mentioned earlier, um, before I mentioned earlier, like, you know, during my introduction that, you know, one of the things that is, um, is really important is figuring out how to generate leads in general. Obviously we're talking about Pinterest here and then how to nurture those leads and then how to retain them and then put an offer when the time is right in front of them.

Haley Hobson (08:07):
But so it just goes to show you like, you can find whatever it is that you want to generate leads. And sometimes that, that will work for you for a really long time. Like Facebook worked for a while. Yeah. And Facebook worked for me for a while and now not so great either. Right? Looking at lots of different strategies of bringing in what we like to call organic non-paid traffic. And once we find them and we work them, it may not work for a while. That doesn't mean you're a failure. You get to be as an entrepreneur, you get to be strategic, but now we've got Pinterest in the game. So, and then that becomes a niche. You finds something that you're passionate about and then you're gonna go teach other people. That's literally what I did in my business too. Yeah. Is like people were like, Haley, how did you build your network marketing business?

Haley Hobson (08:49):
I'm like, well, I started building traffic online and generating leads into my business from multiple different sources, whether it's been Facebook or Instagram or paid traffic or a podcast or whatever it is. And then I really got to know like who my ideal avatar was. And I got to know who like how they related what they wanted, what their pain points were, what their success path looked like for them that they, that they weren't on yet and how I could teach them to do what I'm doing. I created a whole business around it. I have online courses now, multiple trainings and literally paid courses, teaching people to do what I did. So I love that you said it can be an entry point. Yep. And it can also be a residual income stream forever. So yay for the industry. All right.

Rachel Ngom (09:37):
Something that you said that I wanna touch on is you said, um, so we talked about multiple income streams and you need to have multiple lead generation streams coming in because like Instagram might be working today, but it might not work tomorrow.

Rachel Ngom (09:49):
Facebook might be working today. It might not work tomorrow. So you need to make sure you have multiple things that are coming in. So when one stops working, which it's inevitable, like I've been doing this for a decade when one stops working, you know, you have something else that's working. When, when that thing is working, like go all in. Like if Facebook ads are the thing that's working right now for you go all in and spend as much as you possibly can, but eventually it'll probably stop working and then you need to have like, okay, what's your backup? What's your, your, your plan B and Pinterest is such a great backup plan for the thing that might be working today, but might not work tomorrow.

Haley Hobson (10:23):
Yeah, totally. I mean, that is a really, really, really, really great point. I think like, you know, and let's just go back to network marketing for a second, just cause we're on, um, on this topic, you know, a lot of people think that their, their, their market is dead or their, you know, it, it could be like, they're literal, like warm market is dead or it could be that people are playing in the space and they're not getting leads in a specific spot.

Haley Hobson (10:48):
You guys wake up. Like we always have to pivot like what we do will not work forever. Yeah. Like that is just the way that the world works. Like what you're doing today may not work tomorrow. And if you want to be an entrepreneur, this is what you get to figure out. Yeah. And if you wanna work for somebody else, who's telling you what to do and then have all the responsibility on them, then fine, go get a job. Yep. But if you wanna be an entrepreneur and you wanna make your own business and you wanna set your own hours and you wanna create income sources in your life, you get to figure out how to make money. Yep. And there are people like Rachel, literally in front of us here who are gonna, we're gonna talk about a Pinterest strategy. And then I talk all the time about certain things.

Haley Hobson (11:31):
Like, you know how to create your, your, your client avatar, your ideal client avatar and your messaging or the landing page that people like. Rachel's gonna talk to you about how to bring people to Pinterest. And then when they land there, there's a landing page. They have to do that. They, that they wanna get on. I like have a landing page training that I teach. I teach you, I do an Instagram tutorial. I have a, a workshop on how to create funnels. I'm I, you know, I've talked to you about that already. Um, you, you need to, you get to show up and figure out more strategies because one traffic source, whether it's literally like the women in your neighborhood or the people at your church or your Facebook friends, that one traffic source will not last you the lifetime of your business. So excellent points.

Haley Hobson (12:19):
Yep. Let's talk about some challenges that you have faced as you have navigated this path that you've been on.

Rachel Ngom (12:29):
 oh my gosh. There's been...

Haley Hobson (12:31):
And the reason I say this to you, honestly, the reason I say this to you is because I'm having this conversation with myself. Yeah. And others, now that everything that I put out there is a disaster. When I put it out there, like nothing I do actually works. Yeah. Like the campaigns that I throw out there that I think are brilliant, never work. And nobody sees that. Yeah. Because by the time they're seeing it, I figured it out. I've pivoted. It I've worked and it, and it works. Yeah. But it, sometimes it takes me a year. Yeah. To get a strategy down, that's going to work. So what challenges have you faced?

Rachel Ngom (13:12):
I feel like there's been a million, but I I've done a really good job of reframing it in my head of like, it's a better quality challenge, a better quality problem. So like when you first start out, you might have the problem of not having enough leads into your business. And now we have the quality problem. As we bring on, you know, a, a sales team of, we don't have enough people on our team to handle all the leads. Um, I feel like I've had a million challenges as we grow. And one happens every day of like, oh, the Link's not working or okay. We hired this person, but this isn't gonna be a good fit. So we're gonna have to let them go. And we ended up spending more money, um, that didn't work out. And even if you have, so you talked about like, you didn't, it took a year for you to get something up and running. You might have something up and running that works. And then sometimes it just doesn't work every once in a while.

Rachel Ngom (13:48):
So like we do a webinar pretty frequently and usually it works really well and we can double our ad spend. And then the one we did yesterday, for whatever reason, our Facebook, I must have changed targeting or something. Um, we end, we might end up losing money at that one. So it's just like, I feel like it's constant challenges, but also constant growth. And as we navigate through all the challenges, we just come across like better quality problems that have helped us grow. Does that make sense? .

Haley Hobson (14:16):
yeah. No, totally. And again, I mean, just going back to the point that like, if you're gonna be an entrepreneur, if you're gonna, if you wanna own your own business, right. If you wanna step into the space of entrepreneurship, you are gonna have problems all the time.

Rachel Ngom (14:31):
If you're all the time, all the time. Like, I,

Haley Hobson (14:34):
This is so funny, cuz like I was just thinking Rachel, I was like, I, I woke up today, I'm in such a good mood.

Haley Hobson (14:37):
And the reason I'm in such a good mood is cuz something that I did yesterday actually worked. And I'm still like writing the high over it. Yeah. Like I had a strategy, it actually came to me last minute as I was literally teaching something online. And then just like that, I made like $16,000 in five minutes and it was awesome. Yeah. And it was like, I, I, I was riding the high, the rest of the afternoon and I'm writing the hide right now. And I'm still thinking about what I can do to optimize that in the future. Yeah. But I will tell you that there are so many times that things don't work there's problems internally. There's you're hiring staffing issues. I just got a message from, um, somebody on my team who's stepping out of an independent contractor role and which she's been in my business for like three plus years, I think maybe even longer.

Haley Hobson (15:20):
And, and her message was, you know, something like, you know, I'm gonna do whatever I can to help, but it's, you know, as an independent contractor, it's not my responsibility to like train other people. And I'm like, no, it's not. It's totally not. And you get to be an awesome friend and human and help space. Like there's always this kind of stuff going on. Always things that like yesterday when I was teaching a workshop, literally we had, no, we had no sales page. Yeah. For what we were actually, we actually were actually offering I'm like guys, are we in breakdown or what, what is happening? I'm alive. You know, like it's happening. Like every, sometimes there's like 8, 9, 10 breakdowns a day.

Rachel Ngom (16:00):
all the time. And like, as you're speaking, I'm realizing, it's like how you manage your emotions throughout the highs and throughout the lows.

Rachel Ngom (16:06):
So like last week we ended up making, I think like $85,000 in three hours. And then going from that to a webinar that probably will end up losing money of just like the high highs and then the low lows of being able, just to navigate and manage your emotions throughout all of it. Because like one of the things I tell my students is expect something to break. Like when you're doing a launch, when you're doing a webinar, anything that you're doing expect it to break so that when you send out the wrong link within the wrong email or something like that, you don't freak out over it. Cuz I think in the beginning I would like freak out over these little things and now it's just like, okay, that happened. Okay. We spent $15,000 on a webinar and webinar jam is down. Okay. We can figure this out.

Rachel Ngom (16:43):
So it's just like, how do you solve those problems and stay on your toes? So like you can, you can solve 'em quickly and move on.

Haley Hobson (16:49):
.Yeah. It's so crazy. It's so crazy. And I said to, I actually said to my team yesterday, like I had a meeting with them cause I was having this in like we, I just sourced this conversation with you. Cause I was literally was literally having this conversation with them and I'm like, Hey, you know what, every time we create something, we get to expect that it's not gonna work. Yeah. So if you're delivering something and you think you're done with the project and that's the, the role that you wanna play in the business, you're in the wrong business. Yeah.  yeah. Yeah. And you might wanna get another job.

Rachel Ngom (17:20):
Yeah. For sure. That's not gonna work.

Haley Hobson (17:23):
Exactly. All right.

Haley Hobson (17:24):
So, um, so challenges we discussed. Um, so let's talk about, let's go back to Pinterest a second. So what makes, what makes Pinterest such a strong channel for female entrepreneurs?

Rachel Ngom (17:35):
So it's a search engine. So if you think about Facebook and Instagram, if you're trying to get traction on those platforms, people are on those platforms to connect with people they follow or friends and families. So you have to pattern, interrupt them to get their attention on Pinterest. They're actually they're searching for something. And so you get to actually show up and be the answer to their problem as opposed to having a pattern, interrupt them. Um, so that's a big one. The fact that it's a search engine and then it lasts over time. And so the life of a pin is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook or Instagram post. And so think about how hard you're hustling on Instagram to upload a story every hour to stay relevant.

Rachel Ngom (18:11):
I have stuff on Pinterest. I literally still make sales from my fitness blog. Um, I haven't touched it since the end of 2017. So like we still have thousands of people going to that blog every single month. Um, and I haven't touched the blog. Haven't touched the Pinterest, haven't done nothing. And so I, I mean, if you wanna work smarter, not harder, it's the number one platform in my opinion to be on.  good.

Haley Hobson (18:35):
How about the funnel? Like can we talk a little bit about how it actually like the anatomy behind it? Like how it works?

Rachel Ngom (18:40):
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So think of Pinterest is top of funnel. So someone's on Pinterest and they're searching for something in the search bar. And so you wanna be creating content and create a pin that you're putting on Pinterest, that's using that specific te. rm that they're searching for.

Rachel Ngom (18:54):
So we call that a long tail keyword. And so when they search for it, they see your pin at the top of Pinterest.

Haley Hobson (19:02):
Cause I know that you're like super excited to teach what you're teaching, but just remember that people here may not know any of this.

Rachel Ngom (19:09):
Okay. I'll slow it down. Breathe in between your . I'm like, let's go, let's go. Yeah. Okay. So you use a phrase that they're searching for. So an example might be intermittent fasting for women. And so let's say someone's searching for intermittent fasting for women on Pinterest. And I use that search term in my pin when I upload it to Pinterest. And my blog post is all about intermittent fasting for women. So they see my pin and it grabs their attention. They, they click on it and then my pin description, it gives them kind of a teaser of what that, that post is gonna be about.

Rachel Ngom (19:42):
So they're like, oh, I wanna learn more about this. So they click on the pin. It takes them to that specific blog post. That blog post is where I have the opportunity to add value and just to shine. Right? And then in that blog post, we have a couple calls to actions for them to get on our email list. And that's really where the magic happens is when you're on, when they're on your email list, because you know, if you're building your platform, your business on social media, that could be taken away tomorrow, like you have to have an email list. And so Pinterest is such a great way of being able to drive traffic to your blog and then building your email list. And here's the thing you don't necessarily have to be a blogger, um, to make this work, you could take this podcast and transcribe it or create detailed show notes and put it on your blog and put it on Pinterest. So it's just making the content that you've already created work that much harder for you.

Haley Hobson (20:27):
Oh my gosh. So good. So good. So you guys, so basically what, what Rachel's saying is, is like number one, the points that I'm taking away are number one, a pin will last way longer than any kind of post on any kind of platform. So as we're working really hard to quote unquote, throw things up on Instagram or stories or Facebook or TTA and Pinterest is gonna last a lot longer and what it actually ends up doing is your pin can be attached to like, so other platforms hate actually when you attach your post to a landing page, like if you go ahead and put, um, something up on Instagram, like a, like a, like a static post, or even like a, a reel, which they love, but you actually give a URL outside the platform.

Haley Hobson (21:15):
They hate that. And they actually don't love to drive traffic to anything off of their platform. But Pinterest is actually the opposite. It is a search engine, not a social media platform. So what's happening is that your pin is on purpose, supposed to drive traffic to a page. And what you're doing is putting your pin up with a link and that link is your landing page. Thus, the landing page workshop I taught yesterday or whatever you guys are listening to this. Um, if you haven't, if you weren't there you'll wanna come next time I teach it. Um, because you want that landing page to convert. And there's obviously some, some strategy around the anatomy of a landing page. So here you are, you put your pin up, you've got a link, you've got some catchy phrase, catchy title, something that's gonna drive attention. People, stop the scroll with their fingers on the Pinterest.

Haley Hobson (22:06):
And then boom, when they click there, it's pinned to your site where people can connect with you, book a call, get on the phone, chat with you, buy something, whatever it is, even like watch a reel. Like you could literally pin like a link to a reel. If you wanted to, you can pin anything that you want people to see. And as they're searching, as they're putting those quote unquote keyword in there in the, in, in the search engine, they're, they're, they're finding they're searching you up.

Rachel Ngom (22:36):
Yep. So the best thing that I would suggest you do is actually send them to a piece of content. So not directly to a sales page landing page product, or anything like that, send 'em to a blog post specifically. And it could be like a podcast repurposed or YouTube video repurposed or whatever it is that you wanna do. And in that add value. And then within that post, have a call to action for them to go to the landing page and to get your freebie. Um, that way they're already warmed up because Pinterest traffic it's cold traffic. And if you send them directly to a sales page or a landing page, the, the likelihood of them actually opting in or buying something from you is slim to none. But if you add some value to them first, they're gonna be way more likely to actually opt in and then buy from you in the future.

Haley Hobson (22:52):
Awesome. So yeah, I mean, this is like so good. So good. I have not, I mean, I'm on Pinterest and I've been using it for years and um, but not in this like super strategic way. And here's the thing, like, I'm not gonna be like, I, I, I, I talked to Rachel about this, like actually probably over a month ago I was like, oh my God, I went back to my team, like, why aren't we optimizing this?

Haley Hobson (23:37):
This is crazy. But like, you know, then I'm like, okay, Hailey, calm down. Like your business is doing great. And you've got all of these other things that you're doing and when the time is right, so now we're starting ourselves to opt to, to, to implement a, uh, much more strategic strategy. And so what, I'm what I'm trying to say, the reason I'm sharing this with you is like, don't beat yourself up if you haven't been here yet. And don't beat yourself up. If you can't implement it tomorrow. Yeah. Because whatever you're doing, get good, get focused and then create space. You get to create space on your calendar, create space on your calendar. Maybe you wanna go search Rachel up  and you wanna like check out what she's doing. Yeah. And then you wanna figure out how you can, how it's going to, uh, best drive traffic for you.

Haley Hobson (24:19):
So what are the best industries or business types for Pinterest?

Rachel Ngom (24:24):
I've seen everything. Honestly. We've had, you know, 2,400 students, I think go through our program pin with purpose. And I've seen, you know, physical products on people that are selling physical products on Amazon. They've been able to triple their sales in 60 days. I've seen authors being able to sell out their books. I've seen coaches, um, being able to have, you know, huge launches. Um, so it's more like what business couldn't work on. Pinterest. And I have a really hard time thinking what couldn't work. Cause I've actually spoken at real estate conferences, teaching realtors, how they can use Pinterest. So like, I truly believe that any business could work. It's just a matter of, are you willing to actually create content in your business to make sure that you're warming up that traffic to get them on your email list?

Haley Hobson (25:09):
Yeah. So good. I love it. Um, what if you could share like 1, 2, 3, like really awesome. Like this is the tip that you guys have to try for someone who has never been there before. Obviously you gave the strategy. I mean, maybe that is the tip, but would, do you have any other, like any other tips?

Rachel Ngom (25:29):
Yeah. So when you're on Pinterest, go to the search bar and start typing in what you think your ideal client is searching for. And you'll see that Pinterest starts to auto fill and there's like a little dropdown of other keywords that it's suggesting of more specific keyword terms that you can actually use on the platform. And so you wanna be able to find the most specific long tail keyword, which again is just a short phrase. So instead of using the term like marketing or business marketing or online marketing, I might do how to do, um, SEO on Pinterest.

Rachel Ngom (25:59):
And so it's just something a little bit more specific, but in order to find those Tel keywords, there's no like extra website, you know, like there's Uber suggests for Google, for SEO. There's nothing like that. It's literally just in the Pinterest search bar, you start typing and you see what Pinterest starts to auto fill and shows in that little dropdown and just play around with that and see where.

Haley Hobson (26:18):
I love how it auto fills. That's actually really cool. It's like literally, literally like Google I'm, I'm taking a, yeah. I'm playing with an app right now. It's called duo lingo.  yeah. And it's you do you know it? And it's of course. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's a, it's a, I'm learning Spanish and I've been wanting to do it for years. Okay. And I'm going to Costa Rican a couple weeks, but I was like, I am not putting this up anymore.

Haley Hobson (26:39):
This app is super fun. It's addicting. I'll I'm gonna do one lesson a day, which is like five minutes. And then you get sucked in. Sometimes you're like, you know, there for an hour on the app and, and uh, I I'm so determined to keep it's like they gamify the whole app. So I'm, so I'm so committed to not messing up that I've got like, you know, Google up in the background, like searching upwards and making sure that I'm spelling them. Correct. And it's the same thing. It's like, you know, they, they, they, the, the title comes up for you. So yeah. I love that. Yep. Very similar.

Rachel Ngom (27:07):
Yeah. So that would be one. The second thing is making sure your blog is optimized for Pinterest. Um, and so that just means making sure you have call to actions with people to get access to your freebie within each blog post multiple times, not just having a box at the bottom of your website, that's so subscribed to my newsletter, cuz nobody wants to subscribe to your newsletter.

Rachel Ngom (27:26):
I'm sure it's great. But you have to give them something juicy in exchange for that name and email. Otherwise they're not gonna give it to you. Um, so making sure you have several calls to actions, you have a popup within that blog post for them to actually get on your email list. That would be the other big thing you wanna make sure you do.

Haley Hobson (27:42):
so good. So anything else that I have, not that I have not asked you that you wanna share. Um, obviously I'll ask you in a second. I wanna definitely get your contact information from people, but is anything else that like, I haven't thought of that you wanna share before we close out? Uh, consistency.

Rachel Ngom (27:58):
Okay. Consistency is everything. So you don't have to be the best. Um, I truly believe you don't have to be the best at anything as long as you're the, like the last one standing. So just be consistent and show up, um, create content on a weekly basis for your audience. And if you just show up and you have the intention of how can I add value today? Um, you're gonna win.

Haley Hobson (28:06):
I mean, and that's with anything you guys like, whether you're writing a blog, whether you're writing a newsletter to your audience, whether you're on another platform. Like what I, what I, one of the best compliments that I get in my business is I'm just showing up mm-hmm  and you're you're you're you are literally staying relevant. If you disappear for, you know, two weeks or a month or six months, people are gonna forget about who you are. Yeah. And they can't rely on you. And if they can't rely on you to see their pins, they're not gonna be able to rely on you to, to, to work with you and your business or purchase from you either.

Haley Hobson (28:44):
So that's a really great point hundred percent. All right. So Rachel, what's the best way for people to connect with you?

Rachel Ngom (28:48):
Yeah, so we have the, she's making an impact podcast. Um, if you want to listen to our podcast and then we have a free Pinterest class, if you want to dive in deeper into these strategies, so you can just go to free Pinterest to register. Awesome. I love it. All right. Well, uh, that was so good. That was so, so good.

Rachel Ngom (29:07):
Awesome. Thank you.

Haley Hobson (29:08):
I feel like, I feel like tons of people forget that Pinterest is actually a super viable channel for business and it's not just for fashion or home or garden or food. There are tons of innovative ways to get found there and connect with your ideal customers or clients. I really loved what Rachel had to say about using Pinterest for marketing funnels.
Haley Hobson (29:33):
As a super brief reminder, a marketing funnel is simply a way an online way to attract more of the kinds of people you want to work with in, into your world. Collect their email addresses, move them from point a to point B with point B, ultimately being some sort of sale or financial transaction and, and with a simple, yet effective marketing funnel in place, you get to scale your biz easier. So you don't have to work so hard and actually create a source of passive, recurring income, as well as warm up to people who are coming into your universe and get them to know like, and trust you. So they are primed for an eventual sale. And let me tell you it's way easier than it sounds. I am committed to literally walking you through a step by step process, the entire process, because you're not too old, it's not too late, it's not too expensive.

Haley Hobson (30:33):
And it will make a major impact on your biz. And you know what? You get to help more people because you are no longer depending on where you live, when you're working or even when you're awake to create an awesome marketing funnel, all you need is a learner's mindset and a caring heart. I will teach you everything else. If this is the exact kind of thing that you're looking for, whether you're just starting in the online space or whether you wanna optimize, that means make things more optimal.  right. Optimize is like a marketing term. If you wanna optimize what you're already doing, then you, that you wanna come to my masterclass. My upcoming masterclass is ideal for you and you can RSVP right now or, or, or, or get on my personal guest list to the three biz keys, masterclass secrets to growing, scaling and automating your business symbol marketing funnels by going directly to Haley biz keys, you gotta come live.

Haley Hobson (31:38):
The Encore will be a $97 paid event. And I'm considering actually making the live event a paid event going forward in the future and just not rushing and stretching it out, like really stretching it out and, and providing, um, you know, massive room for Q and a and, and charging is a paid event. So if you wanna come now, this is your last time to get in for free. Put it on your calendar.  okay. When you sign up, I'll know that you're coming, I'll comp your ticket. It's a two hour plus class, and I know you're already busy and that's why I've scheduled three different opportunities for you to choose from Tuesday, April 7th, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific, which is 1:00 PM Eastern the following day, same time. So Wednesday, April 28th, 10:00 AM Pacific, which is 1:00 PM Eastern or the following week May 2nd, which is Monday, Monday, May 2nd, a little later in the day.

Haley Hobson (32:34):
If you like something evening ish starting at 4:00 PM, Pacific or 7:00 PM Eastern. This is one of my favorite trainings to share. I really hope you say yes to yourself and decide to come. We're gonna have fun. You're gonna walk away with a ton of information, including by the way, how to consistently generate fresh leads. In other words, new prospective customers or clients coming into your world without a ton of effort, you're gonna learn how to keep your leads, warm and prime, to buy with a super specific and super simple email strategy. And you're gonna learn how to create steady, recurring, and passive income as a, as a stream in your biz. Plus the crazy simple trick to automate 95% of this marketing strategy so that you can set it up once and let the system do all the heavy lifting for you. Talk about time and a money saver, right?

Haley Hobson (33:33):
And the cool thing is, is you don't have to be techy at all. If you can use Pinterest, you can create a marketing funnel. It's really quite easy. Once you know the formula, which I'll teach you inside three biz keys, masterclass secrets to grow scale and automate your biz with simple marketing funnels. I'll throw this link in the show notes in and in this week's newsletter for you. Take out your calendar right now, take out your calendar right now and calendar it. Don't just sign up, calendar it. Now you are not going to want to leave early. And the class is two hours. Plus if you signed up for  next week, I'm going to, uh, uh, a concert and, uh, I wouldn't pay for the ticket. And then just go to the first half hour, right? Calendar it, you calendar the drive, you calendar the concert, you calendar the drive home, calendar it out. I promise you. I promise you. I've got you. I would never deliver you content. That was not useful for you. Okay. Friends, that's it for this week. Thanks for being here. Thanks again to Rachel for sharing her expertise with us and.


Did you guys enjoy that?

I feel like tons of people forget that Pinterest is actually a super viable channel for business.

And it’s not just for fashion… or home and garden… or food.

There are TONS of innovative ways to get found there – and connect with your ideal customers or clients.

I really loved what Rachel had to say about using Pinterest for marketing funnels.

As a super brief reminder, a marketing funnel is simply an online way to attract more of the kinds of people you wanna work with into your world…

Collect their email addresses… and move them from point A to point B.

With point B ultimately being some sort of sale or financial transaction.

And with a simple, yet effective, marketing funnel in place – you get to scale your biz easier…

So you don’t have to work so hard – and actually create a source of passive, recurring income.

As well as warm up the people who are coming into your universe – getting them to know, like, and trust you… so they’re primed for an eventual sale.

And lemme tell ya… it’s way easier than it sounds.

I’ll literally walk you step by step through the ENTIRE process.

Because you’re not too old… it’s not too late… it’s not expensive… and it WILL make a MAJOR impact on your biz.

And yennow what? You get to help more people. Because you’re no longer depending on where you live… when you’re working… or even when you’re AWAKE.

To create an awesome marketing funnel… all you need is a learner’s mindset… and a caring heart. I will teach you everything else.

If this is the exact kind of thing you’re looking for in your biz… whether you’re just starting in the online space – or you want to optimize what you’re already doing…

Then my upcoming masterclass is ideal for you.

You can RSVP now and get on my personal guest list to The 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels

This workshop is normally $97 but when you put your name on that list, I’ll know you’re coming – and I’ll comp your ticket for ya.

This is a 2 hour masterclass. 

And I know you’re busy already… so that’s why I’ve scheduled three different class times  to choose from:

  • Tuesday, April 27 starting at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.
  • The following day at the same time. So Wednesday, April 28 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.
  • Or Monday, May 2 later on in the day – starting at 4:00 Pacific / 7:00 Eastern.
This is one of my fav trainings to share – so I really hope you decide to come.

We’re gonna have fun. And you’re gonna walk away with a lot of info.

Including how to…
  • Consistently generate fresh leads – AKA new, prospective customers or clients coming into your world – (without a ton of effort).
  • Keep your leads warm & primed to buy with a super specific – and super SIMPLE – email strategy AND...
  • Create a steady, recurring, and PASSIVE revenue stream for your biz.
Plus… the crazy simple trick to automate 95% of this marketing strategy - so you can set it up once and let the system do all the heavy lifting! Talk about a time and money saver!

And the cool thing is… you don’t have to be techy AT ALL. If you can use pinterest, you can create a marketing funnel. It’s really quite easy – once you know the formula. Which I’ll teach ya inside the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels

I’ll throw the link in the show notes and in this week’s newsletter for ya.

Ok friends that’s it for this week – thanks for being here – and thanks again to Rachel for sharing her expertise with us today…

And I’ll see ya online.