Top Mindset Blocks Holding You Back From Prosperity, Success & Freedom

How often do you think about your mindset?

AKA: HOW you think… and WHY you think the way you do?

I’ve been super into this topic lately.

Because in my essential oil biz, I’ve noticed a TON of people on my team telling themselves stories of why they aren’t at the place in their biz they want to be.

And so much of it is mindset.

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But back to mindset… because it’s so clutch if you want to have a successful, thriving biz that not only supports you… but gives you FREEDOM in your life.

It all starts with mindset.

And my special guest today is a mindset EXPERT.

Hildie Dunn is from the Handel Group – where I personally get coached. And I’ve got a CRAZY story about how we met, which I’ll share with you in a bit…

Today we’re talking allllll about mindset blocks… how to identify them… fix them… and what to replace them with.

So you CAN from a place of possibility… and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Because what I absolutely know is… if you’re riddled with blocks… you literally don’t have the capacity to see those opportunities.

Let alone accept them.

So let’s welcome Hildie!

  1. Hi Hildie! First of all, welcome back into my life! Did you remember me when we reached out?  (And if so, what did you remember?) 
  2. Tell them the story….
  3. So let’s go talk about YOU.I know you love talking about mindset with your clients at the Handel Group. Can you share a little bit about your background and why you became a coach?
  4. What are some common mindset blocks or blind spots that hold people back from success in their work?
  5. What are some classic examples of mindset blocks that impact someone’s personal life?
  6. How do you help people identify the mindset blocks they’re carrying around?  How can WE – me and my listeners here – do the same?
  7. Do you have any specific tips to overcome these blocks?
  8. Once those blocks have been noticed and addressed… what should we do instead?
  9. How can people find and connect with you?


Isn’t mindset so fascinating?

I wanna tell ya a quick story – about a woman I met at a recent EO event.

She came up to me in the hotel lobby because she recognized me as a leader in our company.

And started asking me questions about how I grew my biz… what was my secret… 

She was looking for a silver bullet.

And I told her the honest truth: my success in the company is due to connecting. 

I’ve been able to enroll people into my vision – and show them theirs – because I truly care. 

I’m out there talking about it allll the time because I’m passionate about it.

She looked kinda dubiously at me… and told me her “STORY” – and yes, I’m using air quotes.

Because her “story” involved… how she had just moved to a new city. 

She had no friends.

She wasn’t “good” at meeting people – or being online.

Which I’m sure you can probably see clear as day right now… she was loaded with mindset blocks.

Instead of “How can I?” she was coming from a place of “I can’t.”

Friends, lemme tell ya.

No one just hands you opportunity.

Well, maybe if you’re filthy rich or come from some sort of Rockefeller type family, lol.

And even then, you didn’t make the connections. Someone made them “for” you.

Most of us… we gotta work for it.

We get to show up – and CREATE opportunities.

Not just for ourselves… but our families… the causes and issues we CARE about too, right?

When you come to the On the Edge Summit, you’ll discover TONS of new opportunities you've probably never thought of.

These aren't the sort of things you find on page 1 of Google…

But they ARE totally legit… nontraditional means of adding diverse income streams to your biz.

Because if you’re holding on to the belief that the old way of doing business – AKA a single income stream you work your butt off work – and it’s gonna somehow let you retire in comfort…

My friend, I hate to tell ya… but that way of life is obsolete.

For the vast majority of us.

So you gotta get creative.

Not work yourself to the bone scrimping and saving pennies… feeling low key worried that one bad month is gonna take you years to recover from.

Not when there’s another path… a BETTER path.

Which you’ll explore inside the On the Edge Summit.

The live Summit is totally free… and we’re holding it on Tuesday March 15 + Wednesday March 16.

The website has a lot more details about the kinds of business opportunities and nontraditional methods you’ll learn about – so head on over to to check it out.

And get your ticket now.

Because it’s all happening NEXT WEEK!

Definitely pay attention to that DOT LIVE part.

Ok friends… I hope you feel inspired… motivated… and intrigued by the mindset blocks holding you back…

And are gonna take intentional ACTION to unblock yourself.

AND that you’ll come to the On the Edge Summit next week too.

I’ll throw the link into the show notes for ya, ok?

I’ll see ya next week!