Goal + Intention Setting Workshop

Discover the #1 framework to set aligned, intentional goals – 

and finally achieve them!

91% of people fail in their New Year’s Resolutions

✅Maybe you get derailed. 

✅Maybe your priorities change. 

✅Maybe you aren’t actually aligned with your goals.
So, how exactly do you ensure you become one of the 9% of people who achieve your goals this year?

You get intentional. 

AKA get super clear on WHY you want certain things in your life + biz.

And follow a super simple, proven framework designed for busy people, entrepreneurs, direct marketers, and creatives…

…so you can finally create the life you deserve (and have been dreaming of).

In the Goal + Intention Setting Workshop, you’ll discover how to:

Choose the right goals for YOU – and get crystal clear on WHY they’re important to you right now.

Release blocks still holding you back from the results you want.

Hack your habits so achieving your goals is wayyyy easier.

Leverage 2 exercise that will keep you motivated, inspired, and excited. So you continue to show up every day. And start seeing the kinds of results you desire.

You’ll walk away with your own customized master plan for intentional action. 

Which outlines not only your heart-centered, soul-aligned goals but also how you’re gonna reach them – 
based on your unique lifestyle and priorities.

This is YOUR year – you ready?

It's time to become a goal getter!

Here’s What Makes the 2023 Goal + Intention Setting Workshop Unique:

This workshop is 1 hour. And we’re going to dive deep.
First, we’ll focus on how to create meaningful, relevant, and intentional goals – that align with where you are right now in your personal and career journey. 
And where you want to go.
Then, we’ll explore implementing a system of strategic habit stacking to help you accomplish your goals… and how to work them into your real life, so you stick with them. 
We’ll also focus in on your biz/career. You’ll get clear on what goals to set so you can grow your biz… and how to ensure you achieve those goals. 
Together, we’ll focus on the action steps you get to take in order to make this year the best yet.