If you’re looking for unique, personal gifts to give to a loved one — especially loved ones who are focused on wellness and making 2021 a stellar year — this gift guide is for you. 

These are things to hack your health at every level: nutrition, rest and productivity... and that's the best kind of gift. 

Your Whole You: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits and Holistic Happiness
This course is THE best way to hack your health at every level. Over 6 weeks, you'll be guided through hacking your rest, productivity, nutrition, and environment through video trainings and exclusive resources. 

Things like... cleaning out your pantry and fridge, setting up a more restful bedroom, clearing toxic products from your home (and tons more!) are  all covered. 

The result? You'll create routines, systems and habits to help you live your best life (instead of feeling like a hot mess 99% of the time). 

Until December 31st, Your Whole You is only $137.90!

Healthy Essentials Kit with Free Frankincense
For the month of December, when you start your essential oil journey with dōTERRA, you'll be rewarded with a free 15mL bottle of Frankincense ($90 retail value).

The Healthy Essentials kit is what I always recommend when starting out. You get: 
  • The 10 most popular oils that hack your health - mental, emotional and physical
  • The petal diffuser - powerful and fits anywhere

Adding Frankincense in is like the cherry on top. This oil has so many uses - from cleansing, to grounding, to uplifting...and more. 

Habit Hackers Wellness Community Membership

My brand new, exclusive membership for women looking to hack their habits while being supported more closely with their journey will be opening its doors again soon! From 12/21 until 12/24 you can join Habit Hackers and lock in the 2020 rate of $24.95 (per month). 

This is the perfect gift for any woman wanting a guided approach to her holistic wellness journey. Each month, Habit Hackers receive a magazine focusing on 1 of 3 wellness pillars (nutrition, rest or productivity), a guest expert training on that month's pillar, plus health coaching with me.

Join the waitlist now to be notified on 12/21 when doors open!

GoodOnYa Hydrate Electrolyte Mix
Never feel dehydrated again with GoodOnYa's Hydrate powder - really, it's true! 

I always add a scoop of Hydrate to my water bottle I keep with me all day so I can get an extra dose of electrolytes and minerals. 

It has zero taste though so you could add it to any drink you'd like. 

You can get Hydrate in a few different sizes, which means it could also work as a stocking stuffer.

Use the code hayleyhobson for 10% off + free shipping.

Organifi Harmony Stress Management Drink

This drink was designed BY women FOR women, specifically to support our unique health needs around hormones and managing stress. 

It's made from cacao — which means it’s delicious used as a hot chocolate, latte, or even just a breakfast replacement. 

The ingredients in Harmony are: maca, chatavari, chaste berry, ginger, turmeric, coconut milk, and of course, my personal fav… cacao.  

Which means this is like good-for-you chocolate milk, packed with adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and nourishing vitamins and minerals. 

BrainTap Meditation Free 15 Day Trial
You know how powerful meditation can be for helping you focus, improve sleep and even have more energy... but did you know there's a way to hack your meditation practice so you can get even BETTER results? 

It's called BrainTap and I use this (no joke) Every.Single.Day as part of my wellness routine. BrainTap is a unique system that combines light and sound in addition to the guided meditation you listen to. 

This combo is what makes it better than your average meditation session. Use my special link to gift BrainTap for free for 15 days.

Consciously Creating Your Business Bundle
Prep your biz for 2021 with this Hack Your Biz bundle! 

I've packaged up my most comprehensive business workbook (27 pages!) +  10 fast- action sheets to help you bring the workbook to life into one super amazing bundle. 
The workbook, Consciously Creating Your Business, covers how to setup an easy online marketing funnel to help you promote your business online. 

The fast action sheets contains my best tips covering hacks for your website, social media, sales and more. Between the workbook and the sheets, you'll have a solid plan for achieving your goals for 2021.

Get the Biz Bundle for only $77!
Happy Gift Giving!