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What comes to mind when you think of commitment? Whatever it may be, commitments require staying power. They don't just fall into place and happen. It takes work and pushing through and building momentum to keep going. With that in mind things will come up in life that give you pause. When that happens you need this duo in your arsenal.

Black Pepper is a powerful essential oil with amazing uses and benefits. With the right combination of essential oils, its effects can be amplified. When you combine Black Pepper essential oil with Cedarwood oil, it can help produce a calming and grounding effect on your senses and emotions, and can help you destress and relax.

This is also great after an afternoon nap, apply a few drops of Black Pepper essential oil to the bottom of your feet for a stimulating wake up. The warming sensation of Black Pepper will provide you with the boost you need to transition from your sleepy state to a ready-to-go mentality.



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