Recipe of the Week

Remember when everything you planned and hoped for unfolded perfectly?... Yeah, me neither. 

There are usually a few surprise circumstances I didn’t count on as I work to make the visions in my head a reality. Sometimes I wonder if some will ever come to life – and not because I don’t want them to.

You see, you and I only have a certain amount of control over the circumstances in our lives. The rest we just have to navigate through the best we can so we stay on course. 

But every now and then the wind blows us around and there go our plans. We might think, “So much for setting all those goals and creating an awesome business plan….” 

Hold on! Sometimes we just need to buckle down and get to work making our way through the muddy waters. When I have to do that I whip on my InTune Focus Blend and roll it all around the back of my neck and forehead. Why? because this blend is perfect for staying on task when you are trying to concentrate.

Let's do this peeps. Time to work through whatever the circumstances are and focus on what needs to be done.



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