Hello from Australia!

Wow you guys, it is so beautiful here!!!

I wish you were here with me! The climate is balmy and temps hover around 75 degrees through the month of March so it couldn’t be more perfect.

First we were on the Gold Coast for the conference where I met with some of my team members as well as met new people. This part of Australia has long sandy beaches and surf spots … and of course we took a little time for R&R together!

There was a super extravagant Gala last Thursday night and as the conference came to a close, I gave my presentation. After the conference, Wes and I left for Noosa on the Sunshine Coast for some alone time.

We’ve been here just a couple days. No work, no team members—just us. It’s so important to both of us to take time out to recharge and invest in our relationship.

Australia is a super romantic place to do that! The sunshine coast is gorgeous; resorts, surf spots and rural areas and boutiques, of course. And we KNOW how much I like to shop, right?

Hey! Do you like to travel? I DOOOOO!!!!

One of the reasons I’m super grateful for my business success is that it affords me and my family the opportunity to visit our favorite places around the world as well as check out those we’ve never seen. Yes, I am thankful.

If you ever wonder whether your business is just a time-suck or worth the work, think about the benefits that come from it. What dreams does it fulfill for you?

And by the way if you’re not in business for yourself … WHY NOT???

Maybe you enjoy building someone else’s dream or paying for their vacations. If you do, that’s okay. Really.

But if you’re ready to have what YOU want I’m here to tell you it’s yours. You can have it. AND if you think your ship may have already sailed, I promise you it hasn’t.

Here’s what you do … watch this video about taking action and then schedule a call with me. I’ll be back from Australia in a few days.

Click on this link [link] follow the prompts and let’s talk.

Let’s do this!!!


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