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Cilantro Lime Rice
Lime Rice

We all struggle with coming up with good side dishes sometimes, right? Well if you’re out of ideas tonight, give this cilantro lime rice a try! The recipe calls for the LIME essential oil, but if you’re feeling ambitious you could add some cilantro oil as well! Let me know how it goes!

Living the WHOLE MOM-trepreneur Life

Hey Guys, So this week I want to talk to all you MOM’s out there, and by the way DAD’s too, as I know there are many of you that are part of my community… Although this is mainly for entrepreneurs it is also applicable to those who are not entrepreneurs nor parents.  You’ll definitely […]

Healthy Homemade Lemon Hummus

I love quick and easy snacks the whole family can enjoy. So this healthy homemade lemon hummus fits the bill perfectly! The lemon essential oil really adds some great flavor – give it a try and let me know how much you LOVE it!

Take Control
Hayley Newsletter Header New

Hey Guys, So life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to and it can cause us a lot of stress, overwhelm and frustration.  Every body is faced with that situation at one stage in their lives. I know I have been down in the dumps a few times and my feelings ranged […]

Creating Balance in Your Life Using Rocks

Right now I am on the beach in the Dominican Republic and was just reflecting on life and being in a state of gratitude. I am here with my family, my friends and my team. But while I was going for a little stroll along the beach I saw one of those rock formations, where […]

Energize Essential Oil Blend

Energize Essential Oil Blend Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning and really get going. Especially Mondays! If that describes you, try blending the WILD ORANGE, FRANKINCENSE, and CINNAMON essential oils to get that much needed boost in the morning – it works for me! Let me know if it […]

Essential Oils That Support a Calmer Well-Being

Hey Guys, So how is your new year going? Are you staying on track with your goals or are you starting to slip a little back to your old habits and feeling a little stressed.  It is tough trying to run a house, build a career, look after kids and do everything that needs to be […]


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