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Hey Guys, So many people look at my life and tell me that they would love to live a lifestyle like mine, but they just don’t know how they could raise a family and still run a business! The answer is easy…You CAN do it and you can make it work easily.  You really just […]

A New Perspective Can Change Everything
A new Perspective

One of the things that continues to amaze me about life is when we think we have everything figured out and then we learn something new or suddenly see something in a different perspective and everything shifts again…do you ever get that? Something that was already part of your life for so long, may become second […]

Essential Oils I Use When Traveling – Whole You Wednesday
Oils for travelling

  For those of you that follow me online, you know how crazy my travel schedule is.  I’m running around the world like a crazy person. But I DO love it.  I’ve gotten to meet SO many amazing people and I absolutely love mentoring all these people, especially women, to be able to have it […]

Detox Your Life

Do you know what is toxic in your life? What is slowly poisoning you on a daily basis? Is it your food, drinks, drugs, relationships, your thoughts…what? Quite often when we think of toxins we think of food and more specifically processed foods full of colorants, chemicals and other crazy bad stuff…most of us can’t […]

Essential Oils and Emotions
EO & Emotions

  Do you guys ever wake up in the morning and just feel out of sync and sometimes you’re not even sure why? Or you think you’re fine and then someone says something to you and you literally break down? We all have emotions and we can literally go through dozens, sometimes, even hundreds of […]

Thoughts…Your Gateway to Results

Hey Guys, I want to ask you something.  Are you in a place where you want to change your current situation?  Maybe it is your income, your relationship with your Husband, being a better MOM or wanting to start your own company?  But no matter how hard you try your results still remain the same.  […]

Eating Clean
Clean Eating

Hey Guys, So I have seen so many of my friends over the years trying to get healthy, detoxify and lose weight…which is cool.  But then they tell me what they’re eating and I freak out! Seriously, I have had friends on Avocado and Banana diets, low carb, high fat and protein diets, red meat […]


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