What is Your Time Worth?
Entrepreneur Moms

Hey all you Entrepreneur Moms! What is your time worth to you? What tasks could you hire out, so you have more free time to spend on doing the tasks that would bring you in actual income? Working out your actual hourly rate, will give you a marker of what your time is worth.  Every […]

6 Tips For Getting Along With Your In-Laws
Dinner Table

My husband and I get to the hotel late and pull out the room service menu. We’ve got that I’m-so-tired-but-so-hungry look drawn on our faces. The door knocks. It’s the in-laws. We’re on family vacation for a week in Florida. Beach, ocean, fun, and, well, the in-laws. They want to go out for supper. We […]

For the Mompreneurs Who Want It All

  For the Mompreneurs Who Want It All If I were to ask you what a working Mom looks like, would you imagine power suit and latte, or something picked out from last weeks laundry and sippy cup? The truth is, most of us are somewhere in-between, wishing we were polished and hoping no one […]

What Would Your Life Look Like If…

Last night, I stumbled upon a question and instantly fell in love with it – knowing everyone needs to ask themselves: What would your life be like if you made $500/hr? It was my destiny perhaps, or more likely an innate tenacious attitude that has ensured I made $500/hr. Actually, I’ve been doing so since […]

A Teaching Moment
Girl on Beach Sunset

  It was just an ordinary night. Well, maybe, not really. I was in Boston instead of Boulder and I was hanging out with a table of ten of my friends in New England. But it seemed ordinary because I felt at home. And then I received a FB message from a complete stranger, which […]


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