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Minnie Mouse High Heels & Pajamas
Minnie Mouse

This morning my daughter Madeline was being pretty “difficult” with me. As you know having a six year old daughter certainly comes with many testing moments. Today was her birthday party and she wanted to wear pajamas and her Minnie Mouse high-heeled shoes. The problem is that those shoes always hurt her feet and she […]

Falling in Love Again…
falling in love

I have to be honest.  I am a married women with a beautiful family, but I have fallen in Love again… This past week I was in San Diego on a week long yoga retreat. I had left my home, my husband and daughter after a pretty hectic couple of weeks at work – a […]

7 Things I learned from Cecil The Lion

You’ve probably all heard of Cecil, the lion that was recently killed by an American hunter who was in Zimbabwe as part of a trophy hunting trip. This post is not about the right or wrong, or what position I take or believe in, but rather I wanted to take inspiration from the beautifully majestic […]

WHOLE YOU WEDNESDAYS – Adding Oils into Your Life
EO how to

Essential Oils – How to Incorporate Them into Your Life When people are starting out with Essential Oils or are thinking about using them, I always get asked…Hayley how can I incorporate these Oils into my life? Don’t I need to have health condition or something wrong with me, before I use them? The answer […]

Does Money Change the Family Dynamic?

Yes, men do earn more than women, statistically – but, what happens to the family dynamic when Mom starts to earns more? And, what happens to the relationship when ambition overcomes society’s expectation and Dad’s left doing the laundry? It’s no secret that I love the work that I do and I am very ambitious. My success has […]


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