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Finding Inspiration & Knowledge from an Unexpected Source
PP Finding Inspiration

Two weeks ago I was sitting in a convention hall in Salt Lake City in the front row waiting for my turn to speak to 20,000+ people about being a successful MOM-trepreneur. I was nervous but super excited. I had been waiting a while to get up on stage and give it my best shot. […]

Feeding the Social Media Ego

I am sure you have heard of the word FoMO which stands for Fear of Missing Out. According to the Oxford dictionary it means: “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.” This is a real experience for many and those […]

Whole You Wednesday – The Power of Support Systems
Support Systems

Do you have support systems in your life?  How many people are part of your support system?  Do you feel like you have people that will look out for you in all areas of your life? If you don’t then you need to start working on that.  Support systems are crucial for us and we […]

WHOLE YOU WEDNESDAYS -The Importance of Mental Detox and Rest
Mental Detox and Rest

Do you ever feel like you are completely overwhelmed, stressed out and if one more thing had to come along you would completely explode? It is not a cool feeling right? Well it is good in the sense that you should be aware that you are completely overloaded with too much going on. We all […]

Minnie Mouse High Heels & Pajamas
Minnie Mouse

This morning my daughter Madeline was being pretty “difficult” with me. As you know having a six year old daughter certainly comes with many testing moments. Today was her birthday party and she wanted to wear pajamas and her Minnie Mouse high-heeled shoes. The problem is that those shoes always hurt her feet and she […]

Falling in Love Again…
falling in love

I have to be honest.  I am a married women with a beautiful family, but I have fallen in Love again… This past week I was in San Diego on a week long yoga retreat. I had left my home, my husband and daughter after a pretty hectic couple of weeks at work – a […]


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