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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is fear holding you back from reaching your full potential?  In this video I talk about fear, how it holds us back and how to overcome that. Enjoy Hayley XO

Raising Kids of the Digital Generation

As parents, we constantly come up against tough choices. Some of those tough choices might manifest as how to choose between styles of schooling, dental or health care or from what I’m experiencing now: Separation. My current business trip to Europe meant our five-year-old daughter stayed with her Grandparents while we were gone. The thought of […]

WHOLE YOU WEDNESDAYS – Setting Guidelines

You are on the phone with a potential client. “MOM! I can’t find my cleats– have you seen them?” You are recording a webinar. “Honey– are we out of floss?” In this week’s Whole You Wednesday we talk about guidelines. How to set them and why you should probably call a family meeting asap so […]

How to React When Others Disappoint You

Last week was one of my toughest weeks in business. Folks that I had trusted for so long and built friendships with, people who I cared for, let me down. Have you ever been in that situation where you trust people, believe that they are looking out for you and have your best interest at […]

Whole You Wednesdays – Yoga & Mindfulness

Giving yourself mental rest and taking time out from your “busy-ness” is so important. Most of us have so much going on in our lives, that we forget to take time out and relax and enjoy life and this moment. In this video I share with you my thoughts and experience with taking time out […]

Feeling Foggy – Oil Blend
Feeling Foggy

Wake up in a fog? This blend is like a high wind that should blow that fog away! (alright, I’m not a poet, but let me know what you think of the blend?) XO

Whole You Wednesday – Traveling with Essential Oils

I put together this quick video last week as I was getting ready to leave in my trip to Europe. So many people ask me, if I travel with oils and if so, which ones do I travel with?  But you guys know me, I just can’t leave home without my oils…I LOOOVE MY OILS! […]


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